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Nigerians are Channeling all their Love & Support for Jane Obiene to Get Her a Prosthetic Leg



It’s so amazing how Nigerians have come together in the past couple of days to join the fight against police brutality, #EndSARS movement and with one voice, demanding a better Nigeria. A small protest metamorphosed to a worldwide protest, with a festival of lights to remember those who lost their lives due to the brutality of the Nigerian police and SARS.

The youths have shown great support and it’s really commendable.

Here’s another proof that our great nation Nigeria is blessed with good people. Over 4.2 million Naira has been raised for Jane Obiene, to get a prosthetic leg after she trekked, walked and joined the #EndSARS protest in Abuja.

You might have seen photos of her marching with hundreds of protesters bearing crutches. According to a medical doctor,  identified as Aproko Doctor on Twitter, the initiator of the donation campaign for Jane, she had been unemployed since 2013 over her disability among other reasons.

He tweeted:

This is Jane. She’s been unemployed since 2013 partly because of her disability, she came out in the #EndSARS protests and we need to help. Please click the link below to donate to this, if you can’t donate, please RT, someone might see it on your TL.

I created the donate link for Jane with a 30 day period in mind for 500,000. I thought Nigerians were stretched thin from giving for the #EndSARS protests

Said a little prayer then posted the link In less than 4 hours, we raised 3.2 Million naira and counting

A new Nigeria!

A description underneath the campaign page reads:

We need to get Jane a prosthetic leg to help her move better and increase her chances of getting a job

He shared another detail about a man who led the protest at Stadium Surulere. He tweeted:

Good afternoon guys, I spoke to  @Msobiene and she agrees the link for her be up for at least 24 hours so we can get enough money for this guy here So let us get 2 good legs! One for Jane and one for this Hero right here.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported one way or another.

You can still donate through this link

Photo Credit: Msobiene

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