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#CloseOutStrong with Refresh Africa Innovative Network | October 12th – December 31st



Female entrepreneurs are increasingly contributing to the economic growth of the country. This is an underestimated fact. Whether driven by necessities or opportunities, women are taking a stronger and more robust role in economies as entrepreneurs.

One of the critical issues stumping the growth of female entrepreneurship is inadequate support for these businesses to grow and upscale. Research shows that if women are given enough education and support, their type of entrepreneurship would shift largely from hand-to-mouth necessity entrepreneurship to high-value opportunity entrepreneurship.

So, are you ready to grow from hand-to-mouth necessity entrepreneurship to taking a seat at the boardroom table or even redesigning the table? Then let’s get to work!

RAIN (Refresh Africa Innovative Networking) Africa is one of the services from Innovate Africa. Their primary goal is to provide a virtual, growth-focused mentorship and networking platform to refresh and accelerate the economic empowerment of SME businesses led by women across the African continent.

They provide their members with a business growth model hinged on the following pillars to ensure the growth of their business beyond the exit of the founder.

  1. Business Analysis – Helping the business owner understand what is being done well and areas of improvement required as well as helping them achieve the improvements. 
  2. Business Transformation – Co-delivering transformations required for growth 
  3. Growth Hacking & Management – Working together to achieve organic or inorganic growth 
  4. Business Exit Strategies – Helping create and actualize a plan for the business owner to move on from the business 
  5. Business Legacy Planning – How the business carries on, how the owner exit and is remembered

If you are ready to sit at the table and/or redesign the table, you can take the first step by Joining the RAIN Africa Network of female entrepreneurs building businesses that will create a positive impact on a global scale, and grow from one generation of owners and management to another. 

Visit their WEBSITE and signup with an annual fee of $25 only. 

For updates and to stay in the loop of ongoing activities, follow us on our social media pages;

Twitter: @RAINAfricanet

Instagram: @rainafricanetwork

Facebook: RAIN Africa Network

LinkedIn: RAIN Africa Network

Youtube: RAIN Africa Network

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