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Watch Adeyinka Adegbenro – a Software Engineer with Hearing Impairment – Share her Story



In this video, Channels TV documents the struggles of a deaf software engineer in Lagos, Adeyinka Adegbenro.

Adeyinka lost her hearing fresh out of university when she was 20 years old, a while after a mysterious swelling on the right side of her face had subsided.

Not relenting, she decided to become a software engineer after researching and finding out that the most profitable job for people with conditions like hers was software engineering.

She listed some of her major challenges with being a deaf person in Nigeria to be communicating and trying to move around in Lagos, modulating her voice because she can’t hear, walking safely as a pedestrian in Lagos as a result of the unruly nature of the state, watching television and some others.

Adeyinka needs to read the movement of one’s lips to understand what they are saying, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made understanding people a bit more challenging as a result of wearing masks.

Watch the video below:

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