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Folu Storms wants you to know How & Why she Combed Out her Dreadlocks after 8 Years



Actress and TV personality Folu Storms who is popularly known for her beautiful, lengthy dreadlocks has finally combed them out.

While it wasn’t easy to let go of the eight years old dreadlocks, Folu had her reasons for doing so and she explains them in this vlog. She also answers some of the questions she has been asked as she details the process for anyone who wants to do the same. She says,

On the 1st of January 2021 I started combing out my Locs of over 8 years. It was a decision I had considered carefully and In this video I share with you why I came to this decision and how it was possible to comb out my locs and retain my loose natural hair. I did my best to answer questions i’ve been asked in real life and online already but I’m certain some of you will have even more questions, so if i’ve missed out anything comment below and I will respond as best as I can! Happy new Year and may we all be blessed with the courage to live the life we truly desire!

Concerning why she took out her dreadlocks, she says:

While I think hair is, on one hand, such an important identifier and cultural marker. On the other hand, we mustn’t be defined by hairstyles. And with that in mind, that’s why I decided to proceed going forward with this. Also, the other things being that hair retains energy and I’m quite a spiritual person. I do believe that every experience we have is for a purpose. In every life experiences is a teaching opportunity and I’d gone through quite a few things in the last couple of years emotionally for me and I’ve been quite heavy. And I know 2020 was a really emotionally heavy year for everybody kind of going through a number of things on a personal and global scale. And I really wanted to share and let go. And not just chop off like it’s easy and done. I wanted the process.

Folu had about 168 locks (yes she counted them) and it took her nine days in total to comb them all out.

See how she achieved this in the video below:

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