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The Cast of Netflix’s “How To Ruin Christmas: The Wedding” share their Fave Moments On & Off Camera

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Have seen the new 3-episode-series titled “How To Ruin Christmas: The Wedding“ on Netflix?

The South African romantic comedy has an ample amount of humour with well-timed jokes. The 3-episode-series is packed with so much action and witty performances that feature an ensemble cast of both new faces and industry veterans.

The movie stars Busisiwe Lurayi as Tumi Sello, the rebel and disappointment of the family who finally joins them for a Christmas holiday after so many years. She manages to ruin her younger sister’s Christmas wedding before it even got started and has to spend the next three days trying to get things back on track.

The cast of the series spoke about their favourite moments on/off camera and how they became one big family while filming.

Watch the video below:

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