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Gladys and Haruna have a New Discovery about Leo in Episode 6 of The Naked Convos’ “Little Black Book”



In episode 6 of The Naked Convos‘ “Little Black Book“, Tade nurses Leo back to life and they share a moment over salad while Gladys and Haruna who seems to have made an interesting discovery about Leo.

The Belinda Yanga directed series was scripted by Abosi Ogba and Sally Kenneth-Dadzie and produced by Lydia Idakula-Sobogun. It stars Ikechukwu Onunaku (Leo), Teniola Aladese (Tade), Oreka Godis, Anee Icha, Floyd Igbo, Chimela Azurunwa, Kiki Omeli, Jeffrey Kanu, Omoye Uzamere and many more.

Watch the new episode below:

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