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Sisi Jemimah’s Designer Stew Recipe is Absolutely Mouth-Watering



In this episode of her food vlog, Sisi Jemimah is showing you how to prepare one of her most popular recipes – designer stew with a perfect blend of ofada and ayamase flavours.


2 Green Bell Peppers

2 Red Bell Peppers

2 Paprika Peppers

1 each of Orange and Yellow Peppers

4 Red Chiili (Shombo)

6 Green Chilli

3 Scotch Bonnet

2 Medium Onions or 3 Small ones

1 Cuo Palm Oil

1/4 Cup Crayfih Powder

3 tbsp Locust Beans

6 Boiled Eggs

Bouillon Cubes


For the meats:

Mix of Beef, Goat meat, Tripe, Cowfoot

1 Medium Onion Chopped or Blended


Curry Powder

Bouillon Cubes

Learn the process below:

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