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TheWill Downtown’s 30th Edition Evaluates Body Enhancements, Fashion & Lifestyle

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TheWill Downtown celebrates its 30th edition, “a milestone in the journey ahead of our staff strength of 40 who strive daily to deliver news, analysis, and quality content across our platforms – print and digital.”

As the magazine evolves, Onah Nwachukwu, formerly the Beauty Editor, is now the Acting Editor of TheWill Downtown and award-winning journalist and writer, Ayodele Johnson, joins the roster as Senior Lifestyle Editor.

The magazine says:

At your Bold, Fresh & Authoritative Sunday weekly publication, our aim is to always give you the best quality as we chronicle Culture, Trends, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Entertainment.

Moving on, it has been raining a lot more with floods in many parts of the country. Climate change remains a major issue in our world today. Take a look at the devastating damage Hurricane Ida has caused along the coastline of Louisiana, the rains and floods that followed in the States of New York and New Jersey in the aftermath. Some parts of Europe are also battling floods. The world needs to be aware of climate change and the need for each of us to do our part to protect the planet.

We are truly blessed in Nigeria. Imagine adding natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires to our current problems! God loves this country so our leaders must do better. I am a firm believer that Naija would once again regain its lost glory.

We have quite an interesting cover story this week, “BODY ENHANCEMENT: DESPITE RISK, NIGERIANS COVET THE PERFECT BODY”, focuses on a fast-growing social trend that a lot of Nigerians, mostly women have taken to. Our feature also takes a look at how this new frenzy is being championed by famous female celebrities and the internet.

What could be responsible for this? Do Nigerian men play a role in the rise of this trend too as they are attracted to curvy buttocks, flat stomachs, and voluptuous breasts? Or are women simply doing cosmetic surgeries and body enhancements to please themselves, improve their appearance and boost their self-esteem? Well, dive into this week’s edition for this interesting read and other regulars on Fashion, Lifestyle, Beauty, and Entertainment.


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