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GiftHub is making the Gifting Experience Smart, Easy and Convenient



Imagine it’s a few weeks to your birthday, and your wish is for an iPhone 13 Pro Max. You hint your family and friends about your desire to slay with that phone at your birthday celebration. Only for you to get different gift items that are not desirable or useful to you. The worse part, you can’t sell them to get the money to buy what you want! Amaka disappointment on top of your birthday celebration.

Your wedding is around the corner, you and your spouse wish to receive gift items that would set the foundation of your union on the right footing. How do you communicate these needs to your family and friends who have been snooping around your house to asses a preferred gift item for you guys?

Kindly save them the stress of snooping, guessing and the logistics involved in purchasing and delivering your preferred gift items. And do you and your spouse a favour to avoid clutter building up in your new home due to un-useful gift items.

We’ve all had cause to celebrate at one point or another in our lives. And where there is a celebration, there is almost definitely gifting. But how many times do we receive what we wish for as gifts? We are here for you.

GiftHub is one of Nigeria’s gift fulfilment platform designed to make the gifting experience smart, easy and convenient. By eliminating guesswork, conserving energy and saving time and cost; our esteemed customers can enjoy their celebration while receiving their preferred gift items.

Our platform caters to all categories of celebrants celebrating special occasions such as Birthdays, Weddings and Anniversaries, Baby Dedication, Graduation, House Warming, Retirement, Bridal and Baby shower.

The features and benefits of this platform are numerous. With a smartphone and a few simple steps, celebrants can now easily create their Wishlist from our gift shop, share and receive their preferred gift items from their loved ones.

To eliminate the case of multiple gift items and avoid clutter where you received an item outside the Wishlist, you have the leverage and flexibility to monetize the gift item(s) and request for a cash pay-out.

Our crowd gifting feature allows more than one person to contribute towards fulfilling an item on your Wishlist. With us, no item is off-limits. Our system is designed to show real-time contributions, a feature unique to GiftHub.

Hosting an event? We enable you communicate your event details to your guests in the same link with your Wishlist to enable them RSVP (ensuring you plan for them), save the date of the event, get directions via google map to your event venue or even watch a live streaming of your event if you so wish.

To get started, visit the Website from your smartphone or desktop to create and invite family and friends to contribute and fulfil your Wishlist, RSVP, save event date and get directions to your venue; or simply buy a suitable gift for that special person and have it delivered to their doorstep.

You can also visit our blog here to read more and how GiftHub can re-ignite your gifting experience.

GiftHub…more than gifting!

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