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BOUQUI Opens Up About Love, Sex & Lessons Learned in New Book “My Naked Parts: Celibate & 40fied”

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Gospel singer, BOUQUI, aka Bukola Folayan, knows a thing or two about being a celibate single woman in her forties and she recently published a book to share some of the many lessons learned as told in her new book, “My Naked Parts: Celibate & 40fied.”

“I haven’t kissed or had sex for almost a decade, sigh. To celebrate this milestone,” she captioned the post on Instagram where she shared the cover of the new book. “I’m dropping my Ist book detailing my journey up to my celibacy on my birthday:18th. My Naked Parts is about Sex, Love and Lessons Learned. The struggles of a single woman in her 40’s. This is the cover.”

In the book, BOUQUI also gets candid about the behind-the-scenes aspects of her relationships, like the ups and downs that come with trying to find love and her detailed journey to wholeness from abuse.


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“My Naked Parts: Celibate & 40fied” is available now for preorder.

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