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Join DonateNG in Making Impact With The #RunForACause Initiative

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#RunForACause is an initiative of DonateNG that encourages athletes who participate in the Lagos City Marathon to fundraise from friends and family for a worthy cause*** as a purpose of running the marathon.

This campaign is to create awareness for the various interesting work that charities in Nigeria do, raise funds for the charities, and also participate in the upcoming Lagos City Marathon 2022 to run and fundraise for a charity of their choice on Donate-ng.

The campaign is to raise funds for the various charities in Nigeria and encourage people to get involved in running events.

During the run, participants can choose any charity of their choice on DonateNG. They can also choose to raise more money for an even better cause if they wish. The total amount raised by participants will be donated directly to the charity of their choice.

This initiative is to:

  • Create awareness for the various impactful work that charities in Nigeria do.

  • Fundraise for charities of choice in order to create further impact.

  • Promote crowdfunding initiatives in Africa.

  • Encourage people to run for a cause.

  • Support the work of charities in Nigeria, and Africa.

We believe that philanthropy is a powerful tool that can be used to create a positive impact on the quality of life in Nigeria. We are excited about the idea of having #RunForACause and we encourage you all to join us in making this happen.

Why should I run for charity?

You are helping others, and contributing to a cause that is close to your heart.

How will the charity collect the money I raise?

If you contribute to the campaign before its end, your contributions will be remitted to charities at the end of the campaign or when requested (whichever comes first).

Is there any way to confirm the charity is real?

We take the extra mile to ensure all our campaigns are vetted and validated before approval. This way, we know they meet the high standards set by CAC- a registered charity with an active board.

Participation is also free. Click the link which directs to donate-ng to register to #RunforACause (

Choose from the list of charities you would like to run for to support their cause. You can fundraise for charities or causes/charity not registered with us, and can also create your cause/campaign.

Promote this fundraiser among your networks and loved ones for donations

Donations will be remitted to Athlete’s charity at the end of the campaign. This would be subsequently followed by a report on impact.


This content has been published for free as part of BellaNaija’s commitment to youth, education, healthcare, and community development. BellaNaija does not take any responsibility for donations made, ensure to always carry out your due diligence before making any donation.

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