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Alimah & Makinde Met on Facebook – Now They’re #HappilyMali!



One sweet thing about love, that we absolutely admire, is how it grows with time and brings so much beauty along with it.  We’re super excited today. But then again, when are we not! Well, today our excitement is all thanks to love birds – Alimah and Makinde.

It was just another random activity on Facebook for Makinde – scrolling through the page without much care. Then by a stroke of Cupid’s luck, he stumbled on Alimah’s page. There and then, he knew she had to become more than just another random Facebook user to him. And indeed, she became so much more! How? You’ll find out from Makinde as he tells us their beautiful story. As for us, we’re simply taking in all the beauty of their lovely pre-wedding shoot and drooling over how amazing they look together.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below.

How We Met
By the Groom, Makinde:

A secret admiration that began sometime in 2011 from sighting Alimah’s pictures on Facebook while at a party in New York and later becoming social media friends was the genesis of my love story with Alimah. A love story that shows how God answers the prayers of a persistent man. Alimah was exactly what I wanted in a wife – a God-fearing, smart, and beautiful soul.

My patience was tested for over three (3) years with her consistent rebuttals to my advances. I knew I was going to marry Alimah and kept applying the pressure until she finally agreed to my date request. Here I am today, a blessed man having Alimah as my friend and wife.

Here’s what Alimah has to say:

Makinde is a gentleman, a loving, kind and attentive man and I feel really blessed to be married to him. He is truly my testimony in human form and a testament that faith exists. I see him and truly see an extension of God’s love for me. Till today, I’m still in awe and MKD came just at the right time… when I needed to be reminded of God’s promise.

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Bride-to-be @alimah
Groom-to-be @mkd1
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