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Do You Have Guest & You Need Ideas on What to Offer Them? Try these Tips from Sisi Yemmie

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With our increasingly busy lives, it may feel like a big challenge to make a home-cooked meal let alone prepare one for a group of people; whether they are family or friends. There is a lot involved in hosting — cleaning the home, shopping for groceries, cooking a suitable meal, and making sure the guests are well-fed and entertained. In this 18-minute-long video, YouTuber Sisi Yemmie walked us through the process of hosting with quick meal recipes we can incorporate in the future. 

The video contained recipes for a mocktail, garlic bread, sweet corn, and popcorn. 


The ingredients needed to prepare this included orange and lemonade juice, peaches, and mint leaves. To prepare: 

Cut the peaches into small bits and add them to the juice. 

Pound the mint leaves with a mortar and pestle to extract the flavors and juice. Then transfer into the juice dispenser. 

Slowly stir the mix and store it in the fridge. 


The ingredients needed to prepare this starter meal include; French bread, garlic, parsley, butter, and pepper flakes (optional). To prepare: 

Cut the French bread into slices and set it aside. 

Also, cut the parsley into little bits and combine it with garlic and butter. Beat them into a fine paste. 

Coat both sides of the bread with the paste, transfer to a pan and fry on low heat for a few seconds. 

Set it aside in an oven so it stays warm. 

The garlic bread can be made with any other kind of bread. 


You need some corn, coconut milk, and salt to make this. To prepare: 

Season the corn with some salt. 

Then, cook it with coconut milk and add a bit of water. Allow it to cook until it gets soft. 


The ingredients needed to prepare this soup include; Onion shallots, habanero, goat meat, and ginger. To prepare: 

Blend the onion shallots, habanero, and ginger into a fine paste. 

Add the blended mix into a pot of goat meat. 

Pour the pepper soup spice and add some uyayak. 

Add carrots for some texture — the carrot gives a nice pop of color and tastes nicer in the soup. 

Allow it to simmer for a few minutesn before adding the vegetable(scent leaves and uziza leaves) 

Cook for a few minutes and the soup is ready. 

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