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Need a Simple & Very Filling Breakfast? This Toast & Whipped Coffee Recipe is Perfect

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Ah, breakfast! The most important meal we skip, especially when we are swamped with daily activities at work and other personal errands. Culinary expert Tolani of “Diary of a Kitchen Lover is back again with another scrumptious recipe that will save you prep time and looks promisingly appeasing for your next breakfast meal.

* 3 eggs
* Sliced bread
* cheese slices
* Butter
* 1tbsp onion powder
* 1tbsp garlic powder
* 1tbsp chicken seasoning
* 1tbsp cayenne pepper

*Dalgona Coffee*
* 2tbsp coffee
* 2tbsp sugar
* 2tbsp hot water
* 150g evaporated milk

Watch the vlog below:

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