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Beverly talks about bullying, trauma & blossoming in the new episode of #WithChude

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Nigerian actress, producer and on air personality Beverly Naya is the guest on the new episode of Chude Jideonwo’s podcast show, #WithChude.

In this deeply emotional episode, Beverly opens up about being a victim of bullying, navigating constant verbal abuse from her peers as a child, battling with skin issues, trauma, blossoming and lots more.

On her bullying experiences, she says:

“I think I talked about it a little bit in the documentary but then, you know, like my formative years, I was always getting bullied for one thing or the other. So matter what school I was in or whatever, I always felt that there was something that I was going to get attacked for. When I was younger I was an ugly duckling, I wasn’t a cute kid. I don’t care what my mom says, I was not a cute kid.

So I has crooked teeth, eczema, I just didn’t look good. As far as I was concerned and as far people around me concerned. I used to get called snake skin, buck teeth, light bulb head, football legs, just different kind of stuff. And then I just blossomed. My skin cleared, I got braces, and yeah, I just kinda blossomed and I started to feel kind of beautiful for the first time in my life around 16 and I think I probably was owning it a bit too much for some people in my school. I got bullied for that and it really broke me, because I was like ‘look, I can’t win’. when I was younger, I was getting bullied for being ugly and unattractive, and now I finally feel like I’m beautiful and I’m trying to own it, that’s now the problem. I’m now getting bullied for that. So, I got ganged up on and ended up with a black eye, a chipped tooth, on the same day.”


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