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Ugo and Devante’s Love Blossomed During a Pandemic!

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Don’t you think it’s amazing how all the hassles that came with the global pandemic couldn’t stop love? Ugo and Devante connected on Instagram and it has been an exciting ride ever since.

Though faced with the pandemic, this challenge was not a match for their sweet love. Rather, they grew deeper in love with each passing day. Now, they are on a forever journey and we couldn’t be more excited! Their pre-wedding shoot is all shades of gorgeous and you can just tell that these two are head over heels in love with each other. They are giving us all the butterflies of love today and we bet their photos will have the same effect on you!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

How we met
By the bride, Ugo:

In this day and age, there is no true surprise that Devante and I met through social media. We had been following each other for some time because we had mutual friends but we had actually never met. After some time, Devante began liking my stories but I ignored them because I was not interested in a relationship. One year on my birthday, he sent me a DM wishing me a happy birthday and letting me know his was only 3 days prior. I’m not sure why but things took off from there!

I loved that he was kind but sharp enough to handle my sarcasm. He understood my humour and I loved how his sense of humour matched mine. We went on our first date and quickly became inseparable. We took turns driving to see each other as we lived in different states. However, our relationship truly developed and solidified during the COVID pandemic. We knew that living in different states would make it hard to see each other because of the government-mandated lockdown.

So after only five months of knowing each other, we decided to quarantine together which essentially meant moving in together. Surprisingly, things moved at the right pace for us and we grew so much closer during this time. I learned that Devante is exactly who I prayed for. His love shows up for me in every way imaginable. He is patient with me even when I am not patient with myself. He is my safe place to land. He is my best friend and I can only continue to pray that our love teaches our children what true love looks like.


Bride @chiefugo_
Groom @vangogh._
Planner @crystalsbycheeevents
Photography @esanharrisphotography
Hairstylist @hairbybube_

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