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Oyinkansola Ohiro

My name is Oyinkansola Ohiro. I am a Chartered Accountant (ACCA) and a Savings/Budget Coach (Founder of Girl Means Business (GMB)). GMB was born based on my passion to teach young adults that savings can be fun (to provide financial resources and guidance in a creative and non-judgmental way). Growing up, no one ever talked about money or how to save. Instead, everything we heard was more like "Give me that money your uncle gave you, let me help you keep it' or "Why did you spend all that money' or 'Don't you know you should not spend so much!" It is rare that a conversation around personal finance comes up for you at home, with friends, at work and even in our school systems (consistently). As a result of this, I decided to fill in the gaps. So here we are,join me in this journey to talk about money'' My instagram page is called: @Girlmeansbusiness_

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