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Temi K.

Hello all! My name is Temi and I am a full time health care provider. As if work is not enough, I figured I needed a hobby to keep me busy. I am terrified of pets, so I knew that idea wouldn't work. I am a homebody so I knew outdoor things were out of the question. What more else could I do than what I am already a great at—yep you got it, running my mouth :-) I am a random person and I say the most random things. Sorry I don't have a mute button. Blame my father, not me. He looked at my mom when they brought me home and said "how come her lips poke out like that? she's going to be a trouble maker" and BAMMMM there you have it. I love to write so I figured why not start putting all of my crazy thoughts down and share it with the world. It's like virtual counseling. I get to free my mind and you all get a good laugh or least say "thank goodness I’m not her” :-) Anywho I started started a blog called J'adoreAfrika. Why? Because I love all things African. Some of my topics are serious, some funny, some downright ludicrous. I sure hope you enjoy.

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