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Michelle Dede and Olisa Adibua were presenters of my favourite TV reality show EVER, Big Brother Nigeria. I swear I was addicted to that show, Thank God, I had finished my finals when it started unless I would have simply failed…..Anyway, I think Michelle did a really great job, she seemed very bubbly but humble at the same time…… Some of my friends who know her were telling me that Michelle used to be really wild and crazy back in the day but from her interview, it seems as though she has found herself……good for her……Anyway, here is her interview and photo spread from the official Big Brother Nigeria Magazine. The poses are really cheesy and goofy but I think that’s what they were going for. I know thunder and lightening are going to strike me for this but I think Olisa looks kinda cute here……I need help….lol
I luv that Jewel by Lisa Folawiyo green ankara kimono top…very hot!

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