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MY NAIJA GUY – Introducing Angelica

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I just heard this song yesterday and had to blog about it
Angelica is a new Nigerian musician who has been building some buzz recently….
She has a song and video out called “My Naija Guy”.
She basically talks about how naija guys are underappreciated, deserve praise and have to be celebrated…..
I like the song and it promotes a unique sentiment….
Here is a pic of Angelica, I have to say that her weave is ‘interesting’……in fact, this is not just a weave, it’s what u call ‘weave-oooonnnn’
You can see other pics on her WEBPAGE

Click HERE to download Angelica’s “My Naija Guy”
Here is a LINK to a video she did for the song “Na Wetin” with Sir K, Ramsey Noah and Segun Arinze (The song/video is hella funny)
Here is another link to an INTERVIEW that she gave recently
I’ll be buying her album when it gets released…there are so few female naija musicians so gotta support the babe…
Anyways, I am also looking for her song called “Shake Body” Feat BigLo so if anyone has it please send it to [email protected]. Thanks!

What do you think bout the song? Angelica’s weave-oooonnnn? Finally, r “our naija guys” unfairly misrepresented and underappreciated?

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