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First was Big Brother Africa, then Project Fame and recently, Big Brother Nigeria…
Well, its time for Survivor Africa!!!!
12 People have been chosen from all around Africa and starting September 3rd 2006, they will begin their 21 day journey vying for the US$100,000 prize…..
Survivor Africa being shot by MNET on Pearl Island, Panama……

Here is a look at the survivors…As usual Nigeria is well represented with 3 competitors……

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Ario (Ariomawha) Okenabirhie
Age – 32
Computer Science Graduate – Former Banker
Interview Video Profile

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Nike (Olanike) Gbolahan
Age – 24
Mass Communication Graduate – Tobacco Company Protocol Officer
Interview Video Profile

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Yaga (Yagazie) Chuwumerje

Age – 23
Recent Mechanical Engineering Graduate
Interview Video Profile

The other competitors are Tebby Gasennelwe (24) from Botswana, Meti Yilma (27) from Ethiopia, Nana Sarpong (30) from Ghana, Derrick Assetto (29) from Kenya, Frieda Karipi (29) from Namibia, Jeremiah Zulu (26), from Zambia, Lloyd Kalipinde from Zambia, Leonard Mapuranga (24) from Zimbabwe Chipo Nzonzo (35) from Zimbabwe

The host of the show is Anthony Oseyemi is of Nigerian ancestry but was born and raised in the UK

On the side note, he had NEVER been to Africa until very recently when he visited SA…
Here are some excerpts from his interview:
What makes you qualified to host a pan-African reality show?
It’s quite interesting…originally I am African but I come from a completely westernised perspective of Africa and Africans
How are you preparing yourself?
I’ve just been doing quite a bit of reading; I’ve been looking at different countries in Africa.

For the rest of his interview, Click HERE

Click HERE for the official Survivor Africa – Panama website.
* in case u r wondering, there are no south african contestants ’cause they have their separate Survivor SA
Anyway, the show should be fun…I hope one of the Nigerian girls win!
What do u guys think about Survivor Africa, the contestants, the presenter?

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