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Hey people!!!
How’s it going? Thank God It’s Friday!!!!! So what have you guys been up to? My week was cool
First thing, I finally registered the bellanaija website …YAY! U don’t even know what happened…..I wanted to register it a few months ago but a cybersquatter hijacked the .com…I was sooooo disappointed…anyways, I actually prayed about it and checked it today and viola it was available…so whenever you want to visit, you can go to
Hope u guys enjoyed bellanaija this week…. Hopefully, next week will be even better! Thanks to all the people who emailed and left comments…it’s much appreciated!
Anyways, let’s unleash our weekend update!

TaureanMinx tells us about Nigerian teenagers emulating Paris Hilton…sad – HERE
Nigerian musician, African China was falsely accused then found innocent in the UK– HERE and HERE
Remember to vote for Miss Nigeria World, Abiola Bashorun at the Miss World Contest – HERE

Zai Princesa’s Blog
Miss Zai’s Blog is juicy…the way she weaves through her stories is enthralling
Abby’s Blog
Explore the life of a young Nigerian lady trying to get into Med School…very interesting
Naija Bloke’s Blog
Packed with the latest Nigerian jokes and titbits…always a fun read

Lemar – It’s Not That Easy- AudioVideo
Lemar Obika is a UK artist though his parents are Nigerian…those in the UK are well acquainted with him from Fame Academy…here is his new song that’s getting mad airplay on Nigerian radio…
*Bonus Track – Lemar – Time To Grow – English VersionEnglish/French Version…Absolutely Beautiful Song!!!!!

Sasha – Emi Le Gan – Audio
Classic track of the week…Sasha is hot like fiyah! This is her only ever solo single (hard to believe…huh) Hopefully she will release her album soon cause I can’t wait! This is a great song……check it out!

Sauce Kid – Gbasibe – Audio
We talked about Sauce Kid earlier this week….here is another hit from him…it’s hot!

By the way did anyone watch the Grey’s Anatomy Season 3 premiere? Utterly great! Wow…I love that show…I actually got to watch episode 2 as well…

Anyways…let us know what u think!
Have a great weekend

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