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Hey Everyone,
Happy Independence Day in arrears!!!!!
Soooo what did u guys get up to?
Let me give you my gist. See I haven’t gone out in ages!!!!! I cannot even believe it! Once upon a time it was a very different story…lol
Anyways, on Friday, I was supposed to go for this lil’ shindig with my friend, Miss M. I was sooooo exhausted but I still managed to drag myself up to get ready…
After applying the MAC and things….I wore the outfit and just sat down waiting….I was still a lil’ tired so I carefully decided to take a nap….anyways…long story short…I fell sleep and didn’t wake up till 11.30AM on Saturday…the other side of the story is my friend, Miss M didn’t call sooooo she stood me up! Even if I had been awake she would have been a ‘No-Show’!…..imagine…lol…its all good tho…
So what did I do on Independence Day? I went to church and did some serious prayers for Nigeria….lol…seriously tht’s what that country needs!
Anyway, let’s get down to our usual ‘bellanaijaing’

Did anyone get a chance to watch the Miss Word 2006 pageant on Saturday?
I didn’t! Well, just to fill you in, Miss Nigeria, Abiola Bashorun didn’t win the competition. She didn’t win the ‘Miss World Africa’ crown either, that went to Miss Angola – Stiviandra Oliveira. Miss Ghana – Lamisi Mbillah won the ‘Beauty With A Purpose Award’ for her passionate charity work in Ghana focused on eradicating iodine deficiency and Guinea Worm.
Here are some of Abiola’s pics from during the pageant.
You can also watch her video profile HERE and see my previous feature on her HERE.

Let us know how ur weekend went and what you think about the Miss World pageant.
To all of you in Nigeria that get to stay home today…make sure u enjoy it! Ciao

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