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Model of the Week – Nigerian/American Baltimore Ravens NFL baller – Ovie Mughelli (Thanks YBF)

Hi Everyone!
So how was your week? U know I wasn’t feeling well so it wasn’t the best of weeks but it had its bright spots. Vals day was filled nice. Nothing spectacular but nice. I’m still not sure if I’m a Val’s Day person, as in I like getting gifts and all that but the rest of it is kinda cheesy and fattening (geez, I think I OD’d on Chocolates that day).
So what are your plans for the weekend? I’m going to try to do some shopping and get my hair ‘did’ because next week is going to be a VERY busy one…I’ll fill u on Tuesday.
Anyways, here is Weekend Luv – The Now Edition.

The Blogs
Kpakpando’s Blog
Very interesting blog. The trials and tribulations of a Nigerian chica in the States. Check it out.
Dammie’s Blog
I cant believe I haven’t shouted out Dammie A’s blog – oh I remember she told me not to! But I’m ignoring her….so check it out!

Jumpin’ Off
The Valentine’s Weekend Massacre going down!
Check out their website – HERE
You could win –
1. Free Ticket to Miami, courtesy of United Airlines
2. A YR subscription to HauTe Magazine and some others
What’s Hot!
TaureanMinx has been killin’ it all week with her Val’s Day Djing. No matter your taste, you will be thoroughly
Charly Boy has released his autobiography titled ‘My Private Part’…uhhh ok….lol
But seriously it seems like it’ll be an interesting read
Overwhelmed has really nice legs! She is trying to choose an avatar/profile pic. Help her out
Biodun is going to Naij for a couple of weeks of NYSC + she is confessing so…check on it
Chude has some GIST. No seriously, his post on Lagos ‘socialtricks’ is on point!
Nigerian actors and actresses are ‘banned’ from engaging in ‘romance’ with politicians…LMAO
Oh, here is the Studio 53 feature on The Future Nigeria Awards that I talked about some weeks ago.
The Hits
Soul E – Soul E Baba Dey Here
Honestly, I like Soul E, I think he is a very talented dude but I am not sure why this song is so popular. Am I missing something? Anyways, I still have luv for Soul E…check it out!

Tony Tetuila Ft VIP – 2 Women
Honestly, this song just makes me laugh. He’s in love with 2 women and he doesn’t know what to do plus the VIP rap is just funny…. Its still a fun song so check it out!

Raw, 2Shotz and Ruggedman – Abia State Anthem
This one is repping for the Ibo people and it’s a very catchy song….I have to say that I am proud of my Nigerian rappers. Their flow is just gettimg madder each day. Meanwhile, I didn’t even know that Ruggedman was Ibo, the way the dude gives them Yoruba is quite hectic. I’m very proud tho, I think it just shows that we are becoming more integrated in Nigeria.

That’s it!
I’ll probably add some more stuff later.
Thanks for the luv…have a great weekend!!!!!


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