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Hey Everyone,
First things first! HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!
So sorry that I didn’t say so earlier but its still Easter Monday so its not too late.
So how did you celebrate? I had a really great weekend starting Thursday night. I got a home-cooked dinner…tres fabulous. The whole Easter weekend was quite interesting.
I am so excited because T-Minx is back to blogging, so endeavour to check out her new updates and blog design.
Anyways, a lot of people have been asking about the Nigeria’s Next Top Model….don’t worry, I got you covered.

I just realized that I haven’t featured anything from my favourite mag, True Love WA in a while. I was reading last month’s issue which had entertainer, Ashionye Michelle Ugboh on the cover styled by the uber-talented Omoyemi Akerele and it just cracked me up.
I really admire Ashionye’s drive for success. The girl is truly a go-getter!
That said, her statement that she ‘acquired her American accent when she stayed with her Aunt and Uncle in the USA for nine months when she was 9 years old and that it has stuck ever since’ got me shaking my head….LOL. Only in Nigeria really!

That’s it for today.
Please leave your comments…
You can always email me with any ideas or suggestions as well – [email protected]
Have a blessed week!

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