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Hi Everyone,
A new Aunty Bella case is coming up tomorrow so I think its about time that I compiled all the updates from previous ‘cases’. I have been willing to do this for a while but its been tough compiling all the responses.
Honestly, I have learned a lot from the ‘Aunty Bella’ feature, especially Ms. Cater 2 Me’s case (LOL…No it wasn’t me). Anyway, here goes:
Ms. Frontin’ Don’t Pay
Summary: A guy was chatting her up for a couple of months and she was frontin’ excessively. Dude moved on and she was pained.
Update: Ms. Frontin’ Don’t Pay has been in a relationship for several months. The original dude that she was frontin’ for turned out to be a major jerk as he had a fiancé abroad while he was chasing other girls around Lagos. I guess her frontin’ paid after all!

Ms. Papa Don’t Preach
Summary: She is Yoruba and her fiancé is Igbo. Her dad said No, No NOOOO!
Update: They are married! Her Dad was not ecstatic but accepted his in-laws when they performed the introduction and marriage. Her wedding website was floating around but I cant say who!

Mr. Torn
Summary: Had a long-term girlfriend/fiancé in Nigeria, arrived in the States for his MBA and started a serious affair with another girl.
Update: Coincidentally, I found out that I know who Mr. Torn is! Hahahha…Dude is nice looking o and an Ivy-League MBA scholar. LOL…but on a more serious note. He eventually broke it to his long-term girlfriend in Nigeria and continued to date his new lady. He and the new lady have broken up and he is currently single. Mr. Torn is def. not serious or ready to settle down. In my opinion, the girl in Nigeria should be happy that she dodged the bullet.

Ms. Yoruba Wahala
Summary: Both she and her bf/fiance are Yoruba and based in the US. She is Muslim and he is a Christian. He is almost a decade older and he does not have a degree. Her parents said No because of his lack of a degree plus the fact that he is from one of the ‘Ara-Oke Yoruba states’.
Update: Her bf/fiance is having a baby and she is not the mother! They have broken-up! End of story!

Ms. Cut Your Coat According To Your Size
Summary: UK Bred Nigerian, moved back to Lagos and got caught up in the ‘lifestyle’. She was extremely broke but was still living it up with her friends. She did not know what to do and could not share this information with her friends.
Update: Miss CYCATYS says that she has cut down on some excesses but she is still not financially secure and is still living the Lagos ‘lifestyle’. Sad.

Ms. B-Dilemma
Summary: Has very small breasts, low self-esteem and was considering breast augmentation.
Update: She eventually went ahead with the operation and says she is happy with the physical results but still suffers from low self-esteem. She says she is in therapy. Good luck girl!

Ms. Man Vs Money
Summary: She got a job with an investment bank but her boyfriend (who did not have a permanent job) felt the job would be too stressful and would be detrimental to their future.
Update: She actually rejected the investment banking job (whattttt???), she got a well-paid graduate position with a multi-national firm decided to go with that instead. Her bf proposed but they have since broken up for other reasons.

Ms. Misery
Summary: Well-educated lady in her 30s based in the US. She was miserable because she was not married or in a serious relationship while younger friends and acquaintances are getting married.
Update: Ms. Misery is still single but she says she is no longer miserable! She moved back to Nigeria some months ago, is doing well in a new job and has several guys who are seriously interested and she says she is praying about them.

Ms. Cater 2 Me
Summary: She had a very stingy boyfriend who has never given her a gift in 4 years of dating but he spends a lot of money on himself.
Update: Wrote a letter to her boyfriend detailing how she felt about his stinginess. They had a huge fight after he read the letter. They eventually made up and talked about it. Dude has turned a new leaf.

Mrs. Trapped
Summary: Young married lady who moved to the US to ‘join’ her husband whom she had only met once previously. Since her arrival, she began to feel alienated and timid due to her husband’s incessant jabs about her accent etc…
Update: Mrs Trapped has started her nursing course and attempted to discuss the issue with her husband several times to no avail. He still treats her well and provides for her but she says he is still cold. Her mother has advised her to get pregnant ASAP.

That’s it!
Watch out for tomorrow’s Aunty Bella…
Thanks for all the support so far.
If you have an issue, email [email protected] – its completely confidential
Which ‘Aunty Bella case’ did you relate to or learn the most from. Do you have any new advice for them? Let us know.

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