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Hey Everyone!!
How I have missed u guys cannot be quantified or expressed in words really!
Infact, I have really really really missed everyone!
I haven’t had personal internet access for the past 5 days because I just moved! Yay! LOL
I moved for the 2nd time in 12 months…so now I am in a different country…..I am not telling u where…so get ur investigative skills cracking….LOL…Its not that serious really
So why am I always moving? Don’t worry, I’m not on the run, its all for career development and am just trying to explore the world as much as possible before life catches up with me (the big ‘M’! and all that).
Anyways, I’ve got a fabulous new job and everything…its really fantastic…I feel so blessed! Thanks to everyone for their prayers and well-wishes on the voicemail thing on the sidebar (Snapvine)
Wow! It’s been a year of Bella Naija…can u believe it? I cannot…
I know it’s just a blog but I feel its was divine intervention because it wasn’t something I really planned…even the name ‘Bella Naija’ was a split-second decision. So many times, I have stared at my laptop and had absolutely nada to blog about but so often something ‘dropped on my lap’…
Thanks to everyone!
Absolutely everyone who has emailed, commented etc… Y’all rock! I really mean it!

Ifenkili is a budding contemporary African clothing and accessories line based in the UK. The talent behind the label is Nneka Mokwe.
I know, I know, many people feel the ankara phase has passed and I agree in certain respects but I love the creative use of ankara in the creation of the footwear.
The simple strapless dresses/tops are classic and comfortable….Its not reinventing the wheel but I like it!
Visit their website – HERE


Chinwe Enu is unique.
Why is she unique? She is a Nigerian opera singer…nuff said!
This Atlantic Hall and Phillips Exeter Academy alumnus has a college degree from Vassar College and is a qualified lawyer with a JD (Juris Doctor) degree from Georgetown University Law Center (In addition, she is licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia and the state of California), Chinwe’s passion is music.
With her captivating voice and radiant stage presence, Chinwe is breaking the mould in the ‘old school’ world of classical music.
Check out one of her performances below.
Also visit her website – HERE
And MySpace Page – HERE

That’s it!
U will have to bear with me for the next week and a half or so.
Thanks so much to Dammie for the blogging support.

Ebun from TLWA made a lot of effort to get the blog piece together and published so, thanks Ebun!
Anyways, I will be back better than ever soon…


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