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Hey Everyone!
I know its been a while since I’ve done Weekend Luv…
Dont worry as soon as I am settled, I am going to be bringing it on bellanaija…
So how was your week? I still havent gotten my internet installed so right now I am doing this somewhere I shouldnt be…shhhhhhhhhh
Anyways, I am going to Egypt this weekend!! I am excited…I think…I hope I get to do some tourist-y stuff as well as my work…
I have been informed that I have ‘internet’ in my hotel room….hmm….I hope its not the ‘Nigerian-type’ internet….fingers crossed….

So I was talking to one of my guy friends and he was telling me that he has advised all his sisters to date non-Nigerian guys….he gave all sorts of reasons that I cannot even print and said he and his friends do it all so he knows what he is talking about…

So ladies, have you tried ‘Something New’? Would you date/marry a non-Nigerian guy? From other African countries? Caribbean? White? Asian?
Let us know…
Have a great weekend…..See ya in Egypt….ciao!

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