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Hi Everyone,
How is your week going?
Mine is going ok so far, its such a pain working again after such a long break!
Here I’ve come again with my questions.
I cant go into too much detail about the background of this but here goes.
Someone I know cheated while dating her bf, long story about the circumstances of the cheating. Anyways, her bf was very angry and even broke up with her.
Then he thought about it and prayed about it (according to him…)
He then forgave her and some years later got married.
The thing is now that they are married, he brings up what she did all the time. As in he uses it to justify everything that he does wrong and obviously that is putting a huge strain on the relationship.


Ladies, would you confess to your boyfriend/fiance/husband if you cheated?

Fine, I know many might say ‘hell no’ but what if there was a chance that he could find out. Would you not prefer for him to hear it from you? Perhaps, it happened when you were dating, wouldn’t you like to know his reaction then when a breakup is easier as opposed to when you guys get married?
Or do you subscribe to the philosophy of ‘what you dont know, wont hurt you’?

Guys also let us know what you would do if you found out your girl cheated. Is there any possibility that you would forgive her?

Looking forward to your responses!!!!

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