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Hi Everyone,
For the past couple of days, I have been pondering and thinking, analyzing and reading, trying to choose the winners of the ‘Mrs Club’ How We Met Contest. It hasn’t been easy!!!
I even had to ask my mum to read them and give her opinion! It was that serious.
Anyways, as you know, the winners will receive a signed copy of The Mrs Club, a chick-lit novel by Ekene Onu.
I am reading mine right now and honestly it can only be described as JUICY! I cannot drop it! I am at work and I am busy scheming and devising ways to read it now.
Thanks soooooooooo much to everyone who took time to write out their story! It means so much to me and everyone who read it that you took the time to share your story.
God will bless your relationships (and future relationships for those who have broken up!)


Winner 1:
Anonymous said…
Hey Bella — Let’s make it more fun by putting it to the vote American Idol style. What say you…Anyhooo…So four years ago, I am getting on the elevator in a random building and there is this guy in there (by himself) with the goofiest smile on his face… and I am thinking uh huh whatever, and I step in, as in…good thing I didn’t have to face him…anyhooo so the next thing he is like Mrs Williams (real name witheld ;D), how are you today… I am thinking no he didn’t and I tried to ignore him but he tapped me and I wanted to clock him as he said again with that goofy smile ‘ Hey Mrs Williams, how are you today now?’ Exasperated I decided to pay him some mind and said with a fake smile , ‘Errr I am not Mrs Williams, sorry’…Before I finished answering the question, he said ‘But would you like to be…? I looked at him and burst out laughing…and then I was like ‘ok, you know you looking for trouble right…’ and he was like, well, long as I can take my troubles home with me every night, I’m good…” I could not wipe the grin off my face cos he was so dem cheesy and painfully cute in a very naughty boyish way…it did not hurt that all 6’1″ of him was towering over me… All this took less than 5 minutes. I got to my floor and he got off with me and by this time I did not mind him doing that. Get me laughing and that’s it…The rest is history…I have been laughing ever since!

Winner 2:
CrocLover said…
I love all these stories and Bella I love your blog!He came to borrow sugar….I got a knock on the door i was sleeping and i answered the door in PJs with scarf on, pimple medicine on face, morning breath the whole works. He said ” your neighbor said i could borrow sugar from you we are trying to make kool aid” After hissing and making a rude comments about how you idiots just woke me up from a long sleep i gave him my jar of sugar and slammed the door. He came back the next day, and the next and the next, he said there was something about me and he knew i was going to be his wife. He called his dad and told him and his dad well go and get what you want. After two months of asking me out i finally went on a date with him, he played the Boyz II men song thank you in advance in his car when he picked me up…he said you will be my wife and mother of my children…i was convinced this guy was truly mental and i need to run away from him lol. 7 years later, married for 3 years and planning on making a baby soon our love is sweeter than sugar. I couldnt have asked for a better husband in the world he is the BEST!
5:22 PM

That’s it! Please email me so we can ship off your book ASAP. You have until the 18th of April to claim your prize – bellanaija @

Watch out for more contests in the future! Thanks once again to everyone who participated!

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