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You know I love to see my Nigerian ladies looking beautiful and will always give them props for that. That said, sometimes I just have to pause and take a deep breath. Rather than criticizing, lets see if we can offer some tips to these ladies and guide them to fabulosity!

There is so much going on here. The long braids, the jacket, the tight-fitting dress, the lace-up sandals. Actress/TV presenter, Elfreda Rowland has a voluptuous figure and pretty face and am sure can look fab if she changed things up. First up, the dress is a no-no. There are very few girls that can pull off this dress and most of them are Size 0 models.
I would suggest, knee length dresses, nipped at the waist to highlight her assets. Good undergarments including a well fitted bra and some support garments (e.g spanx) can help bring out the best in her look.
Style Guide: Jennifer Hudson – Jennifer has a similar voluptuous body type and looks fab. She has confessed to using spanx and plays around with colours, shapes and necklines.

The makeup, the hair, the outfit (hat, jacket, laces!), the shoes – lets be honest, its a bit of a mess. That said, she is pretty and has a nice slim shape. Therefore, there are so many possible options when it comes to outfits. The main advice will be to strip off all the excess and rebuild her wardrobe and makeup from a fresh slate. For the hair, rather than a blond weave, perhaps honey brown extensions a la Jessica Alba. The makeup, red eyebrows don’t look natural on anyone so scrap that. Go for a fresher look. She should let her beautiful skin glow! The clothes – as I keep saying, there are so many options!
Style Guide: Kelly Rowland and Selita Ebanks – Kelly and Selita both have similar slim figures. Small bust, flat stomach and slim hips. Yet they look feminine and fab.

Actress, Cossy Orjiakor is known for her ample bosom and clearly she is not afraid to flaunt her curves.

Its great that Cossy is confident and comfortable with her body. That said, I would advice to Cossy to do it more tastefully.
A V-Neck is neckline is actually good for big busted women but this is way too low. Plus, she is wearing a long necklace which draws further attention to her bust.
My advice – skip the necklace, try something with a higher-V, button-up shirts, wrap tops, strapless can also be a good look as long as its not hanging low on the bust.
Style Guide: Toccara – Toccara has a similar body shape – large bust, smaller waist and hips. She has evolved since she appeared on ANTM in terms of dressing to suit her body.

Photo Credits – Obsessed Hoopla, Purefoto, Bella Naija

That’s it!
What do you think.
Any tips?

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