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Caring and knowing what products to use  for your hair can be very tricky. Below are quick tips courtesy of Essence Magazine, that guides you on how best to care for your different hair textures.


tracee-ellis-rossNATURAL HAIR

Common Problem: Damaged and Weak Hairline due to frequent braiding, twisting and locking of the hair follicle.

                Solution: Find products that contain Rosemary and Peppermint because they help in stimulating the hair follicles and promoting growth around the hairline.

Common Problem: Dry and itchy scalp.

                Solution: Replenish natural hair oils by avoiding anti-dandruff shampoos that tend to strip the hair of its natural oil, and use products that contain Flaxseed oil, as well as other natural oils. It is important to remember that when your hair is natural to always condition it with natural oils as opposed to petroleum laced products. Also remember to drink plenty of water.




Common Problem: Split ends and Breakage

                Solution: Once hair has been chemically processed, it tends to be weak and brittle, making it easier for it to break with the continual usage of flat irons and blow dryers. To avoid this problem, be sure to limit your use of flat irons and blow dryers. Also be sure to avoid using permanent hair dyes, because they tend to be very harmful on relaxed hair. For an easier way to style hair without using heat, learn to wrap hair at night for a sleek straight look in the morning, or use hair pins for nice but subtle curls in the morning.

Common Problem:  lack of hair nourishment

                Solution: After hair has been processed, it tends to shed alot, and to help eradicate this problem, it is advisable to strengthen the hair from the inside with effective supplements. Be sure to read the labels of your hair products, look for ingredients that contain zinc, copper, biotin, cartenoids and vitamin A; they all help your hair grow with strength, while simultaneously promoting cell stimulation.



kerrywashingtonweb21CURLY HAIR  

Common Problem: Weak and Brittle thin hair.

                Solution: Condition hair with fortifying conditioners that help in uplifting the curls.

Common Problem: Lack of volume

                Solution: Increase the volume of your curls by remembering to deep cleanse your hair once a week, in order to eliminate the build-up of products from mousse, gel and hair spray. As a daily upkeep, be sure to use leave-in conditioners and curl definers. Spray and work through with a wide mouth comb.

Along with knowing the proper products to use for your hair, it is important that you take care of your hair from the inside as well. Be sure to hydrate yourself daily by drinking at  least 8 glasses of water a day; as well as, enriching your diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.  

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