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BN Weddings: Favors for Life’s Biggest Event



Side-By-Side Photo AlbumLagos weddings are usually extremely elaborate affairs. From the designer gowns to the most sought after venues, Nigerian brides are insistent on making sure their wedding stands out. The wedding favor is usually one of the last items on a bride’s to-do list but is a very important part of the event. Favors must reflect the quality of your wedding and can be sent to guest that were unable to attend.

From the rich to the recession inflicted, there is an easy way to make sure your guests do not forget your wedding. Tomi Soyoye, a consultant at The Aspen Shops explains the process of choosing the right wedding favors.

So, Tomi what is the purpose of a wedding favor?

Giving out favors at weddings is a wonderful way of saying “Thank you” to the guests for attending, a  keepsake that will remind them of the fun they had at the party, and also thanking them for the gifts they bring for the bride.

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What are the most popular favors brides request for their wedding guests?

Popular favor requests I receive from brides are customized cosmetic bags, photo albums, handbag holders, bottle stoppers, luggage tags and more.

So how do you choose the right favors?

Choosing the right favors could be quite challenging for some brides-to-be. Should you make them yourself? Or buy them? How much favors should you buy? What type of box, bag or ribbon would look best? And lots of other questions. Just remember that your wedding favors should be unique and personalized to your own taste, and also, to complement the theme of your wedding!

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Tips for Choosing Wedding Favors

1.  Location, style and theme of wedding: Before purchasing favors, consider the location, style, and theme of your wedding. If the location or agenda of the ceremony will be anything except traditional, a theme wedding favor is likely the best option. For example, a beach wedding deserves beach favors. Welcome your guests and thank them for wedding gifts with a seashell.

For outside weddings in warm climates, you’ll need to avoid favors that could melt (chocolates, frosted cookies, etc.), unless these are placed in an air-conditioned space

Age and Gender: Don’t forget to take the age and gender of your guests into account. While women might love a silk pillow sachet favor, most men won’t relate — meaning you may be stuck with dozens of favors “left behind” at the reception.

2.  Cost: Choose Inexpensive Wedding Favors. Low budget weddings may require less expensive favors. Choose items that are simple and not too pricey. If you wish to give more expensive, high-end favors but need to find a way to skim the fat, give one gift per couple by placing the favor between their two dinner plates, and tagging it with the couple’s names. For your single friends, stick with one gift per person.

3.  Decide on Packaging: When wrapping your favors, personalized stickers and ribbons are a lovely touch. Make sure your favors are personalized to your own taste. Choose packaging that coordinates with the linens and flowers. Make sure your favor packaging should make as much of an impact as what’s inside. Try bundling favors with multiple items that contribute to your wedding theme.


4.  Select a Personalized Wedding Favor: Most couples want a wedding favor with more meaning. Add your own unique touch to your favors and make sure it reflects your style, personality and vision of the perfect wedding. After all, you are unique. Choose a favor as unique as you are.

5.  Present Your Favors Right: Once you’ve found the perfect favor, and packaged and personalized each one with pretty papers and bows, you’ll want to be sure each guest gets her hands on one, right? Decide on an “at the table” or “on the way out” location for your favors. If favors are large or colorful, placing them on the reception tables can take up precious table space or be distracting during the meal. Instead, many brides opt to place large trays (or a table) of favors in a hall or foyer where guests will exit. A tasteful sign — “Please take one favor per guest with our compliments and thanks!” — will let reluctant guests know that it’s okay to pick up the gifts.

About Tomi Soyoye, The Aspen Shops

TomiTomi Soyoye is a wedding consultant based in Baltimore, MD. She works with brides all over the United States, UK and Nigeria to create a lasting impression by choosing the right favors. No matter what type of favor you are looking for, her collection has a little bit of something to satisfy all tastes at a price that won’t break your budget, and without sacrificing the high quality you’ve come to expect. Please send her an email at [email protected] or visit for your international inquiries. She is currently taking orders to be personally delivered in Nigeria in December 2009.

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