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New Look, New Site – Stephanie Okereke is ready to conquer!

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One of Nollywood’s top talents, Stephanie Okereke is taking all the right steps to ensure that she shines above the rest.
The actress has achieved a lot over the last 18 months – her directorial/production debut ‘Through the Glass‘, the various awards, her qualifications from the New York Film Academy, being featured on Bella Naija’s Hottest Bachelorettes in Entertainment List!..and the list goes on.

In collaboration with her PR firm – Yetunde Taiwo’s Icy PR, Stephanie has realized that in addition to talent, image is the dealmaker so she has taken the reigns and is ensuring that her public persona is beautiful, fresh and vibrant.
So here is some eye candy to kick off the weekend – Stephanie’s new promo photos. She looks stunning! To see the rest of the photos, you’ll have to head over to her brand new site – www.stephanieokereke.netStephanie Okereke New Pics Bella Naija016Stephanie Okereke New Pics Bella Naija013Stephanie Okereke New Pics Bella Naija017Stephanie Okereke New Pics Bella Naija003Stephanie Okereke New Pics Bella Naija007

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