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Princess Anabel Reality Show set to air on MTV Base Africa

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Anabel Entertainment and MTV Networks Nigeria have agreed in principle to engage to produce, film and air the planned “The Search for Princess Anabel” reality show and beauty pageant scheduled for early 2010.
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In a statement from MTV Networks Nigeria, it said “Anabel Entertainment is positioned to be a leader in the Nigerian entertainment scene and beyond and we intend to work with the company to produce world class quality entertainment”.

MTV Networks Nigeria is a subsidiary of MTV Networks Africa and counts multiple world famous television channels in the network’s portfolio, including MTV base, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central.

Anabel Entertainment is the subsidiary of Anabel Group and they were equally engaged recently by the Federal Ministry of Information and Communication to produce and organize “The Great Nigeria Music Festival” as well as the production of Theme song expected to reposition and redirect the Rebranding Nigeria Campaign and mobilize millions of Nigeria’s young people to embrace a New Nigeria.

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