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FRIDAY TRACK: No No No No No No No No…..There’s No Limit!



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I don’t know if you own a blackberry, if you do, perhaps like me you too are fond of the red light flashes. Traditionally, it means one of the following – a reminder, a missed call or indeed, a BBM alert.

I do practise my thumb-skating religiously on my bb pad, and at first the object was to amuse myself and more practically, curb my daily habit that is the Zain recharge card.

But in recent times, especially since President Yar’Adua was away, it seems like I no longer have to read a newspaper or indeed watch the news. All thanks to my many BBM pals who forward “useful” information about the state of the country.

The only logical conclusion is everyone now resides in Aso Rock. In between the frantic speculations and baseless chatter, the newly “informed” Nigerian knows exactly what conversation the First Lady is having with her aides and exactly what the president might have for dinner, his preferred sleeping position or the colour of his presidential pyjamas.

Being the Federal Republic of Gossip, we lap it up like we know what the hell is going on when the majority of us don’t know who our local government Chairman is. We increasingly fail to understand when to draw the line as mocking our own country has becomes as casual as discussing the weather.

And sorry, please don’t sit behind the “we are the citizens of Nigeria” umbrella, I don’t buy it. What I did buy is my blackberry and as owner, I am the anchor of what I want coming in.

And to the coordinators and indeed writers of these messages – please reframe from tagging your “breaking news” or ending them with “Spread the word. Save NIGERIA from Muktaar and Turai”. What exactly does this do?

Continue to be the indoor activist, let’s see how much good that would do us all.

This week’s Friday Track is Jamie Cullum and his brilliant reprise of Rihanna’s Don’t Stop the Music. This isn’t exactly new but to the many who may be hearing of it for the first time. Let me know your verdict.

Happy Holidays my brothers and sisters in Islam.


As we like to say from Benin to Owerri to Kaduna to Osogbo…..IT IS WELL!


  1. fashionista

    February 26, 2010 at 8:00 pm

    it is refrain not reframe

  2. beezy

    February 26, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    Renaissance man….. I’m in luv with ur mind and the way it works…..
    Simply put…. U neva fail to bring it!!….and I’m luvin it….

  3. Temilayo

    February 26, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    i simply just hate those forwarded msgs on bb, like seriosuly i get enough through yahoo and hotmail, dont clog up my damn bb

  4. kemi

    February 26, 2010 at 11:15 pm

    [email protected] “….. exactly what the president might have for dinner, his preferred sleeping position or the colour of his presidential pyjamas.” The average Nigerian is a closet psychologist and national hero, propounding all theories possible….

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