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ARISE L’Afrique-À-Porter: Eyola

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London based label Eyola infuses Victorian era influences in the creation of  modern, individualistic designs. The pieces in this collection are artistically inclined and showcase the intricate craftsmanship of the designer.

Opting for a restricted range of colours, each piece is distinctive in its own, yet manages to fit into the larger frame. She showcases futuristic styles, geometric patterns while also keeping the designs textured with lace, tassels and traditional Victorian ruching using an array of luxurious fabrics.

Each piece is paired with a head piece; some are reminiscent of band uniforms. You also get the sense of the  ‘official uniforms’ with the electric blue blazer showcased in this collection.  It combines a classic Victorian cut with ruching and tassels.

With this collection, there are pieces that are wearable and some that might not easily translate to the red carpet. The futuristic pieces, made me think of Lady Gaga; as a bold, fashion forward personality will be required to pull them off. However, the geometric pattern dress with puffy sleeves manages to strike a balance; its futuristic yet not entirely selective. Unlike the black dresses which will most likely be seen in fashion spreads and editorials, with the right amount of confidence anyone can pull it off!

My favourite piece is the electric blue cocktail dress. It has  a nice short length, with excessive ruching details on the bottom and an elaborately crafted neckline. While I consider it the safest piece in this collection, on can be  guaranteed to make a statement in it!

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