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Put your BLING up!



I am a very proud Nigerian at the moment. You might think the reason for my pride is not that serious but I beg to differ. I stumbled upon a video on YouTube called “Maga No Need Pay” by a couple of Nigerian artists. Cobhams, Banky W, Bez, Omawumi, MI, Modele, Rooftop MC’s and Wordsmith to be precise.

I call it stumbling because I was actually looking for D’banj’s Fall In Love video. I just had to see the (infamous) kiss. I had seen the link to the video (Maga No Need Pay) when it was released but I couldn’t watch it at the time and I later completely forgot about it. Now I feel like kicking myself. I call it the hottest collaboration out of Nigeria so far.

You don’t even want to get me started on the quality of the video. I am not in huge support of the concept though. How many Nigerians have seen, not to talk of eaten a strawberry? I felt the video should have concentrated more on the everyday Nigerian who toils and sweats for his meal. The Nigerian who opens his shop at eight in the morning and closes by six in the evening. The Nigerian who despite the struggles, keeps hoping on a brighter day for his kids and family. I loved that Wordsmith was a Mechanic.

That’s besides the point though.

If you haven’t seen the video or heard the song, you are on quite a long thing.  The issue of corruption in our country cannot be stressed enough so when people turn this into a source of amusement or regard it with anything less than annoyance, it infuriates me to no end. And in reality as a true Nigerian, it should infuriate you too.

I have never liked that “Maga Don Pay” song. I felt it sent the wrong message across. So you can imagine my intense joy at the message of this song. Nigerians can be highly creative and innovative when we put our minds to it. Why we think we have to dupe people or be involved in “yahoo”, as it is more popularly called, is beyond me.

M.I said “put your BLING up”. BLING standing for Brilliant, Legitimate, Inspired, Nigerian, Great. We are all these things and more. We are a proud race and it’s high time we stop soiling our name.

A few years back, my mum was in London and a friend of hers couldn’t understand how she could be a  British citizen and opt to live in Nigeria. She tried her best to explain that she loved her country. Lets just say, he didn’t believe a word of what she said. In the airports, a green passport means special security measures. Free enemas and cavity searches.

“Maga no need pay for me to buy correct motor, for me to take make my dough. Maga no need pay. No need for me to go café, I hustle hard to make my pay. Maga no need pay. No need to do yahoo yahoo, to do yahoo yahoo”.

Go get a good degree and you’d have a great opportunity. You’ve just got to apply yourself. Hard work always pays off. Money not worked for, never lasts. When you travel far, don’t forget who you are. Represent Nigeria. Represent Africa. We are the mineral resources of our fatherland. Everyday, heroes are born. They shouldn’t come into a corrupt Nigeria. We owe it to the next generation to clean up our act. Maga no need pay.

In Case You Missed, Check out the video for “Maga No Need Pay”

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