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Every single girl living in a metropolitan city would tell you “There are no good men left” and I assure you, many times after a night out in these cities you would agree with them. With your constant encounters with the randy posers on the dating trail,your conclusions would be justified.

However every now and again, either through work or a friendly encounter, you might be lucky to met a decent guy who just brings back hope,a decent guy or as my friend Mo likes to say “a bunz guy doing well for himself”. You know the type – who looks gorgeous, has got amazing pedigree, respectful and funny all wrapped up in one,and of course who perfectly suits a “Bunz” girl like yourself.

Just when you are starting to get flirty, he mentions his girlfriend (again – proving there are no good men LEFT) with whom he is really serious, so you go home disappointed and nag to your best friends about him,and often times you find out you have mutual friends or people who know him and HIS girlfriend.

A couple of blackberry instant messages and pow there is proof in the form of a picture of the happy couple and to your shock or disappointment,whatever it may be,the girlfriend falls short of the Naomie Lenoir look alike you thought she would be , but in fact is actually the opposite, with her natural hair and almost make up free face,the t-shirt and ballet pumps kind of girl ,in fact in some circles she could be classed as plain but I would call her simple.

Now all this recently happened to a very close friend of mine with me playing the friend with the listening ear. In the process of her vent, we then realised that this gorgeous guy with simple (I prefer simple to plain, I’m a nice girl) girlfriend was becoming a reoccurring scenario and we had about eight real life case studies to prove it.

At this point of our research paper my friend had an eureka moment and declared “Lc I think natural is back” and that going forward she was discarding her Peruvian weave (yes we have moved from Brazil) and her designer bags to go natural.

This got me thinking and I decided to discuss with mum – Was it possible that the now common ‘barbied out‘ look was not attractive to the male folk? Sharing my frustrations with her on how people always tell me I look high maintenance or like a Lagos ‘runz’ girl then my mother goes

Oh are you serious? It’s true, my friend Mrs Ajayi said so then when she met you a couple of months back,” she said that she thought you looked too expensive and that it would drive suitors from you.

All this was said with a very straight face,I could only stare at her in shock – as in woman, you tell me this now?!

I then consulted my storage of male friends and was  informed that,the ‘barbied look‘ is only attractive when looking for a girlfriend, but when in search of a woman friend or a potential wife, men prefer a real and simple woman without the fuss, cause they are not as high maintenance nor expensive,are more approachable and down-to-earth.

Now that would explain away a lot of my most recent experiences (that’s a story for another day)

So babes,  before you spend that tons of cash on your weave, or at the MAC makeup counter think about it,because apparently – you are what you attract.

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