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Grand Finale – Pick the Winner of the Nokia E7 Smartphone!



A few weeks ago, we announced the release of Nokia’s new business smartphone – The Nokia E7. In collaboration with Nokia, will be celebrating the launch by giving one special BN reader a Nokia E7 Smartphone! Here’s what to do: pick your favourite comment from our Top 4 comments below and tell us why they should receive the gift.

Please, note that responses/comment have been slightly edited for grammatical consistency and clarity.
mee April 19, 2011 at 9:52 AM
I have had several Nokia phones, but I’d like to talk about my “jasmine”, my Nokia torch light phone, which has served me for 8yrs. She has been with me through all my highs and lows. It was through her that I got the news of my admission to the university, my sister’s safe delivery, my carry-over courses, long hours of toasting, gossip with my girlfriends. It was also through her I got the news of my dad’s death, my boyfriend telling me it’s over, and me texting my account number to my sister to send me money. So many experiences to share! The particular that beats all was when ‘jasmine’ caused my first resemblance of an heart attack. I was in my hostel washing my clothes at the balcony and she was on the balcony rail. In a bid to spread the clothes, I mistakenly hit her and she fell off from a three-storey building amid my shouts of NOOOOOO. I watched as she lay still with her dismembered parts all over. I remember jumping down the stairs, two steps at a time, and my neighbors asking “Wetin dey happen?” as I rushed to save ‘jasmine’. I gathered the battery, keypads and other parts, and I pieced them together again. She came back on instantly. That was 7yrs ago and I still have her with all the scratches and swollen keypads which I have refused to change even in this era of BB’s, HTC’s and what have you. I still love ‘jasmine’ (jazz-me), my Nokia ‘torchlight’ 1208.
tosin April 19, 2011 at 11:38 AM
My X2: Last year, my friend’s wedding photographer messed up. I think it was his memory card, actually, but he had no shot of the wedding and no back-up. She was so angry and tensed, but luckily for her, most of us – her friends – snapped a lot of pictures with our phones, so we all decided to come together and edit the pictures for her. My Nokia X2 had most of the pictures. In fact, the pictures were so clear just like a professional camera lol! The photographer was so happy he decided to get one X2 for himself too. He was shocked it was a 5 Mega Pixel phone that snapped all the pictures. I was very glad I could help because I made the bride, her family and the photographer’s day – all thanks to my Nokia X2 Xpress Phone. Funny enough, that’s the phone I still use till now, but with this competition, I really need to upgrade or, better still, get another SIM lol!
obika bright April 19, 2011 at 12:38 PM
Nokia N70: It’s not a just phone; it’s a great companion! It offers features that help improve the quality of our lives. A large number of phones in the market deceive people about the basic requirement – qualitative communication. What I like the best: first of all, a wide Screen, then the generosity of its designers has made internet-surfing tremendously easy. The feel is almost the same as on a desktop PC, whether on Orkut or reading an e-book, or Facebooking. My eyes don’t have to search letter by letter, and the pictures don’t get hazy. Secondly “the sound quality” is great. In my college days, I regularly traveled in buses, stuck in the Lagos traffic with sound level at its peek, people in a mad rush, screaming for space to move ahead, and put my head phones on, already blessed with more than a hundred current songs that came free along with its memory card. I just loved the trance I was pulled into. You might get phones with louder speakers, but I have experienced serious headaches previously, trust me! This one is rightly balanced (bass, treble, softness, name it!).

It’s physical features are totally tried and tested. I have dropped my cellphone countless number of times, and I have also banged it against hard surfaces, breaking apart the screen, the pad, the battery, switches and SIM (frustrations are there in everyone’s life), but I ended up getting attached to this mobile phone because it never stops working. Yes, believe me. I have the ability to talk till a cell melts in my hands; this one does n’t get heated. I charge the battery once in a day for 15 to 20 minutes and it lasts the entire day.

About the design: a sleek body for phone is indeed useful when its kept in pocket, and N70 isn’t that sleek, but what has “look” to do with making phone calls? All we require is ears to hear and a mouth to speak. You go behind the looks (in general) and you’ll never be satisfied because styles keep changing.

For the camera: Well , this is actually a platform for me to thank Nokia for giving me the power to capture things around me and the dual camera has replaced my pocket mirror. I discovered my passion for photography through this phone. 2 Mega Pixels is decent enough for any amateur and for hungry creative people out there are some brilliant affects, tungsten, black and white, frames, etc. similar like photoshop application. I have been using it for more than 3 years, and have never had to go run around costumer care center for any kind for repairing till date. What else can one demand??
hallo April 19, 2011 at 3:59 PM
Ummmmmmmm. My first Nokia moment was about 8 years ago during my NYSC. Having heard that Nokia is a rugged phone, I did not hesitate to get the Nokia 1100 with torch light, which came with a long battery life. Purchasing my first Nokia was like receiving a gift. It was grey in colour and had a black back cover. I didn’t want to drop it. The first call I made was to my mum telling her that I was all right in the village I was posted to and had no choice, but to put up with staying there for one year. I actually served in a village that shared the same border with the Northern part of Benin Republic and PHCN services seemed like a mirage.The Nokia 1100 torchlight was a real companion during this period. The game on the phone kept me entertained since there was no PHCN at all to listen to radio. The torch light replaced the PHCN light, for me. I remember a day while I was stirring the soup I was cooking and the phone mistakenly fell into it because I was holding it. All I did was bring out the phone from inside the pot, wash it inside soapy water and dry it. Then, the next day my phone was back. I just can’t forget that first day that I had my Nokia phone in my hands.

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