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BN Video Premiere: Nandi Mngoma – Goodtimes

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Young, colourful, fresh, afrocentric, arty and all-round, great to look at, here’s Nandi Mngoma‘s debut music video for “Goodtimes”. Nandi Mngoma is a South African actress, Media Law intern, fashion addict, model, humanitarian and now, she can successfully embellish the rest by adding ‘musician’ to the group.

“Goodtimes” is truly a song written FOR YOU! This song has followed me ever since I was 14 years old, I had no idea that one day I would be shooting a video for this song 10 years later. It then became my anthem in life and it gave me a reason to celebrate life. But now I am bringing it to you, because now this is YOUR anthem. “Goodtimes” is truly an anthem where people all over the continent and world can feel good, free, euphoric and a sense of hope that they can’t describe, the pulsating sounds of “Goodtimes” allows you to be in that place and celebrate with them.Nandi

Styled by South African designers David Tlale, Avant and Me Me Me!

Check on it!

Also, here’s exclusive behind the scenes footage from the  video shoot.

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