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Amarachi Alisiobi: Let’s Play the Game of “What If”

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You know how when something is being talked much about and you just want to join in before it becomes stale? Well that is why I decided to write about this today, not when my next article is actually due.

So after the BBA chase finale 2 weeks ago, I overheard and read people saying/writing/tweeting how they felt the results were rigged and how one of the Nigerian contestants was meant to win. How they felt that because we had won three times in a row, the big brother management did not want to piss off other participating countries by letting another Nigerian win. Also how the management decided our housemates would not be evicted until the final day to keep Nigerians actively interested – especially as in our minds we are the biggest customers of DSTV.

I don’t work for M-Net, neither am I forcing my opinions on anyone. I just wondered and decided to write this ‘What-If’ piece to enable us analyze properly. So here goes:

What If we put all sentiments apart and think this through?

What If we just accept any results not in our favor does not necessarily mean that the results were rigged? – and this applies to a lot of shows/events/processes in which the winner is selected through a voting process (excluding our elections, of course).

What If every housemate in the final week deserved to win the $300,000?

What If big brother’s definition of ‘deserve’ means ‘individual with the highest number of country votes’ and not our own definition of who was more exciting or who we personally felt should have won?

What If the fact that West Africa had three housemates already reduced the chances of any of them winning? – (especially if we consider the six country votes that went to the three housemates all together could have been given to one thus giving that single housemate one vote more than that of the candidate who won at the end of the day)

What If Big brother does not need Nigerian candidates to remain in the house till the finals to keep viewers numbers up considering the fact that the Nigerian housemates in the first and third seasons were evicted early and neither did it bring down the number of viewers nor did it discourage Nigerians from watching?

What if Biggie never rigged any BBA results and all the winners all through the years have been deserving winners based on Biggie’s definition of ‘deserving’?

What if even the BBA all stars in which Uti won was not rigged as the Namibians believed which led to Munya being given a higher compensation price on return to his country?

What If BBA management was uncomfortable with the reaction of the Namibians? And decided to compensate by coming up with a one-time scheme of having two winners the next year just so a Namibian or any other country could take the second place incase Nigeria ended up rightfully taking first place for the third consecutive time?

What If all this analysis really would not put food on our table, neither would our candidates winning do, so we just stop disturbing ourselves about it and find useful things to engage in?

What if I stop here and ask what you think?

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