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BN Weddings Trend Watch: Grooms in Something Blue! | In Collaboration with Morts and More

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Happy Friday {again}. BellaNaija Weddings has a double treat for you. Sooo excited for our second article today!  – the first was a bridal style feature on Edo Brides, and now learn how to rock the blue suit!

Many of our grooms have rocked this trend but it’s really peaked in popularity this year. Helping us with this dose of dapper and deliciousness, is Sena Dale Mortoo of UK bespoke label Morts and More.

When going for the blue suit there are a couple of things to think about.

Shades of Blue
Morts and More has found that the three favourites with grooms are Navy (the classics never go out of style), Royal, and Cerulean/Electric.

blue ties suits groom

How To Stand Out 
Do you want to rock it alone, with your best man only or with all your groomsmen? Our answer? Any way you like! Our BN Grooms have rocked it in different ways, all looking dapper and distinct. If you all wear blue – groom and groomsmen, you can choose a different colour of boutonniere (the lapel pin), different shade of blue suit, or a different colour of tie or pocket square to stand out. Scroll down to see it in different ways!

Tie or Bowtie?
Whether you opt for a tie or bow tie, make sure you infuse your wedding colours in some way! You can keep it classic in a bow tie, but give it a contemporary edge by making it a patterned or bright colour like an ankara bowtie on BN Groom Nathan (1st pic!)

Another nice touch? The socks! Going for a bright colour and/or a bright pattern is so contemporary and fun. They peek out when you’re dancing! So cool.

How about the colour of your shoes? We’ve noticed a popular choice is brown instead of the usual black. Make sure you pick what goes with your overall groom look. Morts and More recommends this rule of thumb – the lighter the blue, the lighter the brown.

Here are a couple different types of suits you can rock, that are really trending right now – {thanks Sena!}

Types of Suits 
Two Button: 2 button, single breasted jacket, with a double vent. Classic style, and very suitable for occasions, so you can keep it in your closet after the wedding.


Morts and More – Groom Tobi


Morts and More Groomsmen In Blue Suits and Brown Shoes

One button: Single breasted jacket, satin shawl lapel with a double vent. A sought after look following the most recent 007 film Skyfall. Suitable for formal evening wear.


Suits by Morts and More


Suits by Morts and More

BN Grooms looking dapper in Blue!

Groom Nathan: Click to see his Wedding

New_York_Tanzanian_Caribbean_wedding_Petronella_Photography_blue suit

Peep the socks 😉

Groom Tolu: Wedding

Gozy Ekeh Tolu Ijogun White Wedding - BellaNaija Weddings - February 2013 - BellaNaija008

Lanre and his Groomsmen: Wedding


We had to show off the socks 🙂


Groom Lanre stood out from his groomsmen with a different colour boutonniere & different shade of blue suit and tie  – Mark Marengo Savile Row


David Wej Suits


Groom Sotayo & his Best Man rocking blue suits: Wedding

Dami Ayuba & Sotayo Sosan White Wedding - December 2011 - BellaNaija 149 Dami Ayuba & Sotayo Sosan White Wedding - December 2011 - BellaNaija 130

Groom Olumide and his Best Man in Something Blue: Wedding

Tolu Odukoya & Olumide IjogunWhite Wedding Photonimi - December 2012 - BellaNaija237Tolu Odukoya & Olumide IjogunWhite Wedding Photonimi - December 2012 - BellaNaija1664

Groom Hakeem: Wedding

Ameena Rasheed & Hakeem Shagaya - Wedding Reception - Abuja - April 2013 - BellaNaija Weddings002 Ameena Rasheed & Hakeem Shagaya - Wedding Reception - Abuja - April 2013 - BellaNaija Weddings003 Ameena Rasheed & Hakeem Shagaya - Wedding Reception - Abuja - April 2013 - BellaNaija Weddings022

Celebs as Groom Inspiration

naeto c wedding blue suit groom

Naeto C at his Wedding last year – Okunoren Twins


Ghanaian Actor John Dumelo


Banga Lee – D’Banj

Mixed Delight! 
Notice they are wearing different types of suits but the same shade of suit and tie makes the groom’s party look cohesive!

Maze couture blue groom groomsmen

Groomsmen in Maze Couture suits via Instagram

Special thanks to Morts and More for helping us with this article! We included designer names where we knew them. If you know the designers for our other grooms, feel free to add in comments!

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xoxo Ink

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