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China Cracks Down on Hundreds of “Evil Cult” Members After Woman is Murdered



Chinese authorities have cracked down on hundreds of people who belong to an “evil cult” because some members were allegedly responsible for the brutal murder of a woman at a McDonald’s outlet.

Members of the cult are reportedly adherents of an outlawed fringe religious sect, called Church of Almighty God, New York Times reports.

Six of its members were said to have bludgeoned and kicked to death the woman, Wu Shuoyan, because she refused to give them her phone number after they had preached to her, attempting to convert her into one of their sect’s disciples.

So far, 59 members of the “cult” including those directly responsible for Shuoyan’s murder, have been arrested and charged with “using a cult to undermine enforcement of the law.” They have all been given prison terms of up to four years.

A customer at McDonald’s who was present recorded the incident on a cellphone and shared it on the Internet, causing the video to go viral.

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