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Al-Shabab Militants Separate Christians from Muslims at Quarry in Kenya & Kill 36 of Them

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Somalia Military Strike

Suspected Al-Shabab militants attacked a quarry in northeastern Kenya early on Tuesday morning. They reportedly separated the Christians from Muslim quarry workers, and opened fire on the Christians, killing 36 of them.

The incident took place in Kormey village, 9 miles from Mandera, which is close to the Somalian border, an area where the militants operate, International Business Times reports. Sources say the workers were attacked while they were asleep in their tents.

The attack comes just over 10 days after Al-Shabab ambushed a bus traveling from Mandera to Nairobi on November 22nd. They similarly separated non muslims from Muslims, and killed 28 people.

 Photo Credit: AP/AlJazeera