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Anambra North Political Forum Endorses Stella Oduah’s Candidacy for Senate



Stella Oduah's BMW Car - October 2013 - BellaNaija Exclusive014Anambra North Political Forum, an umbrella body of Anambra North politicians, has endorsed the candidacy of Princess Stella Oduah for Anambra North Senatorial Zone.

The Co-ordinator of the forum, Alex Obiogbolu, said this on Monday while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Onitsha, Anambra.

Obiogbolu said that Oduah was the only candidate with the exposure, tact, connection and doggedness to bring home what belongs to Anambra North.

“One of the errors we have done in the past, as a political class, was to entrust people with political offices without checking their background.

 “Background as not to whether they are criminals or not but background as whether they had what it takes for that particular office.

“This time around, we decided to review our progress and our failures.

“Where we failed; and we noticed that. And that is why the political class has decided this time to look at somebody who has achieved something.

“Because in the Senate, there is a senator and there are senators; and the Igbo translation of politics is struggle.

“And you struggle for the allocation of resources basically.

“For a woman who had been able to within close to 25 ministries at that time attract the money in the budget for development of the aviation sector, it speaks volumes for such a person.

“And we are not in doubt that if she gets in there, she would be able to do that.

“You can see that of recent, the state government had already made her chairman of the airport committee.

“It shows that even the APGA-led government lends credence to her ability to deliver as a senator.

“I think their (APGA) producing a candidate for the election is just because it is required of them.’’

He said that the group would mobilise the entire people in the zone for Oduah as well as President Goodluck Jonathan.

“PDP sweeping Anambra North during the Feb. 14 election is a task we have begun already, by carrying out voters’ awareness on the democratic dividends PDP had brought to Anambra North and Anambra State in general,’’ he said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) was established by the Federal Government of Nigeria in May 1976 to gather and distribute news on Nigeria and cover events of interest to Nigeria at the international level for the benefit of the Nigerian Media and the Public.


  1. Shesajoker

    January 6, 2015 at 11:25 am

    Go and pay your staffs in spg madam,stop owing staffs for 5 months. Not as if you pay them well in the first place. Let your charity begin with your staffs,you know how to fly your kids around the world, but your immediate staffs can’t even eat good food, let alone pay their rent. 50000 salary is a big deal for you, so what do you want to represent?

    So you can add more to the ones you have stolen. Wonder what you will do with all these money after this life!!!!

  2. Ada Nnewi

    January 6, 2015 at 11:33 am

    I don’t know how Anambra state will ever become developed when they keep backing thieves into positions of power because of stomach infrastructure! Anambra is in shambles, Awka the capital looks like an abandoned construction site thanks to Peter Obi…Ndi Igbo continue selling your birthright to thieves in the name of pervasive bigotry…Nde nwo nu oh!!!

  3. Uzzy

    January 6, 2015 at 12:08 pm

    Only in Nigeria. It’s a shame

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