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ASUU Accuses LASU VC of Non-possession of PhD & Keeping 2 Jobs



John Obafunwa

John Obafunwa

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) on Wednesday accused the Vice-Chancellor, Lagos State University, Prof. John Obafunwa, of not possessing a PhD and holding two jobs.

Adesola Nasir, ASUU’s Zonal Coordinator, Lagos Zone, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that apart from being LASU’s VC, Obafunwa was also the Chief Medical Examiner of Lagos State.

He said it was an aberration to the laws setting up a university for it to be headed by a personality without a PhD certificate.

“The vice-chancellor could not run LASU as he ought to, because he lacks the capability to do so,” the ASUU official said.

In his reaction, Prof. Obafunwa described the allegation of his non-possession of a PhD as “ignorance at its height’’.

Obafunwa said if anyone was questioning his education as to the PhD/Fellowship issue, that person should contact the National Universities Commission (NUC).

The LASU vice-chancellor said the claim of the union was another demonstration of ignorance that requires no comments, stressing:”I need not enter into political discourse,” he said.

Obafunwa listed some Nigerian universities with vice-chancellors in the Medical field as the University of Ibadan, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka; the Federal University, Lokoja; Osun State University and LASU.

Photo Credit: LASU

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) was established by the Federal Government of Nigeria in May 1976 to gather and distribute news on Nigeria and cover events of interest to Nigeria at the international level for the benefit of the Nigerian Media and the Public.


  1. lovely gal

    January 29, 2015 at 12:18 pm

    uhmm,,,,, another certificate saga…. ok na .

  2. Lois

    January 29, 2015 at 12:35 pm

    LASU seem to be a school that is doomed and cursed to be a bad place irrespective of its immense potentials. What I see in this allegation is so spurious and shallow. The present VC works for the same government in 2 different capacities and that is a case? Most of the academic and non academic staff of the institution are used to being irresponsible and lazy. The hardest 4-5years of my life was spent and wasted in that school. They are just used to the status-quo. LASU is almost irredeemable. The last 2 VCs tried all they could to reform the school but the 2 unions do not want it. They are always over-joyed when a strike comes up s that they could easily use up that time to attend to their private businesses. The sheer number of the bad eggs have so much over-shadowed the good ones that the immense contributions of professors and lecturers who know their onions are killed by the day. I remember my days there of hard work with no results, missing scripts, unending sexual harassments, cult terrorism, even non-academic staff will threaten you if you no gree sleep with am. It was exhausting! In LASU, your dumbest friend who purposely did not prepare for exams, did not write much apart from what you taught her in exams will have a 5points and you may end up with a 1point (that is if you even see results at all). LASU was that bad. University of Ibadan came to my rescue. I was so frantic when it came to saving-up an evidence to make sure your scripts don’t disappear as usual. I was amazed that I could get my exam results in weeks after exams and even petition my department if I felt I was not marked right. UI indeed mended my broken life. It was fresh air when I heard a VC was brought from UI to reform the school. My friends who have spent up to 10 years in school for the first time in their lives got a transcript after a session. It was ‘amazing’ for them. Lagos government have tried properly privatizing the school to help the students there, dem no gree. Privatization gives rise to accountability and that LASU people can’t cope with. LASU ASUU and NASU should give the school a chance. I always have a bad story to say about LASU…the school needs divine help

    • VeryProudLasuAlumni

      January 29, 2015 at 1:43 pm

      Madam Always-bad-story-to-tell, abeg abeg park well, make you siddon for corner!!! Anyone reading this now would believe the rubbish. As if the problems are peculiar to LASU alone. As if it’s the entire student population that had it as bad as you did. You should probably go and wash your head in the river, If it’s this same you that had missing results problem, sexual harassment issues, cult terrorism issues, and lazy lecturers, so you don’t infect anyone with your aura. This lengthy write up and not a single positive. The same environment that you failed and mentally stronger people are thriving. Honestly, I wouldn’t want you on my team if I was hiring. So very negative

  3. deeva...

    January 29, 2015 at 12:55 pm

    I tire for all these people oh!! They accuse you of not having certificate and you refer your accusers to the school you went to, army, NUC or whatever organisation they want to. Why don’t you shame your accusers by presenting your original copy of that certificate??? Mscheeewww

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