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Lami Phillips: Dear Woman, 10/10 you are Not Better than Her…Build Up, Don’t Tear Down

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LamiSinger Lami Phillips has a message for her fellow women this morning.

Using her Instagram page as a platform to share her thoughts, she captioned a picture she posted this morning with a letter to women.

She states, ‘Dear woman…10/10 you are not better than her. If you were you would find a way to build her up not tear her down. You bless yourself in doing so because you are reminded of your own imperfections. If you pull her down, you are behind her.. Because those ahead have no time or space for negativity…Their time is way too valuable to stop and be spiteful. If they do take time to criticize its always to build up and to learn. Note to self and all; you are not perfect and before you take time out to kill another woman’s vibe remember to ask yourself:” what does this have to do with me”? “Does she give two shakes of a camel toe about my opinion”? “Am i perfect”? *sips tea (bloody diet doesn’t allow coffee)* Good morning! #complimentHERcampaign#celebratingwomen #buildupdontteardown

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