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TechTalk with Confidence Tawo: 10 Tips to Boost Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

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Confidence TawoMy first mobile phone was a Nokia 3310 and, right now, I miss that awesome mobile device! You could charge it once and use it the whole week…unlike the new generation of power-hungry smartphones that run out of juice before the end of the day. Check what’s in the bag of an average Nigerian female – there just has to be either a power bank or a charger.

In this piece, I will share with you some brilliant battery-saving tips that will help you squeeze as much juice as possible from your smartphone’s battery.

1. Put your phone on battery saving mode
If your phone comes with this feature, activate it when you need to save battery life desperately. Automatically, this will take care of regulating some other features that suck on your battery.

2. Shine bright like a…
It is common knowledge that your phone’s screen is the biggest power drain. The brighter the screen, the more energy required to power your backlight. Reducing your screen’s brightness, using dark themes and removing wallpaper animation can save some extra hours of battery life. Although auto-backlight control works excellently at night, during the day you might need to regulate it manually, if you feel you have more backlight than necessary.

3. Hot places? Absolute NO!
I am not going to ask that you always put your phone close to an AC or inside a fridge to keep it cool, but you MUST NOT keep your phone for a long time in hot, air-tight places, like your car.

4. Turn it off!
I can tell you for free that connectivity, your smartphone’s biggest strength, is actually the enemy of your battery life. Isn’t that ironic? Come to think of it, do you always need your Bluetooth to be on? Well, unless you use a Bluetooth hands-free headset all the time, turn it off when you are not driving. Moreover, there is no need to walk around with Wi-Fi and GPS enabled, when you’re not using either.

Also, you could turn off smart features like air gestures, smart scrolling and the like, especially if you use a Samsung smartphone. Unless you really use all these fancy features all day, they are just zapping your battery power. If saving an extra hour of battery life is important, please disable these features.

5. Battery flat
I know people that will keep chatting on their phones until it turns red and the phone automatically switches off. This is bad practice and will cut short the lifespan of your battery. When your phone’s battery starts misbehaving after a few months, don’t think it’s the witches from your village that caused it o! Please make it a habit to turn off your phone, once the final warning light comes on and wait until you can charge the phone to use it again.

6. Ditch vibrate and useless notifications
Did you know that it takes more power for your phone to vibrate than a simple audio alert? Disabling this can save some juice.

Notifications, in general, consume power. So, if you find yourself frequently ignoring some notification alerts (e.g. Instagram), please disable them as this will save you some power on your smartphone.

7. Remove unnecessary widgets
You know those fancy boxes that sit on the home screen of your phone? They are called widgets. The ones that have to be connected to the internet constantly (e.g. weather, news, etc) are big-time battery drainers, so please remove the ones you don’t really need.

8. Update your apps
It is very important to keep your apps constantly updated because many of these updates come with improvements for memory and battery optimisation.

9. Jack of all trades…
Imagine your phone as one body with many hands and all the hands are busy doing one task each. Multi-tasking for your Android device means open applications that are not in use, but haven’t been shut down, will stay awake and operational in the background. This feature for Android phones, sucks up battery power. The good news is that IOS devices have a battery-efficient way of handling multi-tasking. With an iPhone, for example, the applications that are open but not currently in use are frozen in the background, with the exception of iTunes and other media players.

10. Manage your battery with an app
You know there is an app for almost anything, right? So yes, there are also apps to help you manage your battery life. I recommend Cleanmaster (free app) or JuiceDefender (free and paid versions available).

Did you find these tips useful? Do you know some more proven tricks that were not mentioned here? Do you have questions to ask? Please let me know in the comments section.

I am an unconventional ethical hacker and enterprise solutions architect, passionate about helping individuals and organizations securely leverage technology to solve business and everyday problems. Please follow me on Instagram (@sisinerd), where I share helpful Techtips when I’m less busy with my work at GidiNerd ( GidiNerd is one of Nigeria’s leading hybrid marketing and technology company, offering cybersecurity, digital marketing, online reputation management, enterprise solutions, software implementation and augmented reality services.

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