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Caitlyn Jenner Gets Emotional in New ‘I Am Cait’ Promo, Says ‘It’s going to be quite a journey’



caitlyn-kylie-jenner-new-i-am-cait-promo-watch-ftr1Caitlyn Jenner is trying out new experiences as a woman in the new promo clip of her upcoming docu-series for E!

The 65-year-old reality TV star says in the new clip “We’re going to talk about everything. We’re going to do a lot of fun things for the first time. We’re going to go shopping for the first time. Maybe even some boy stuff, like ride a motorcycle—because girls do that too!”

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Caitlyn can be seen wearing a flowing peach gown as she walks on the grounds of her estate during the one-minute clip.

She says ‘Why did I decide to do a series? I’m telling my story. People don’t understand looking into the mirror and nothing seems right, putting on clothes that you just don’t identify with. This is about getting to be who you really are.’

I Am Cait premieres July 26 at 9 p.m. on E! – Will you be watching?

Adesola is the BellaNaija Head of Content and Digital Ventures. She is a BN stan.. Yes, things are that serious for her when it comes to She's a lover of gist, novels, music, and food. She's constantly trying not to take life for granted. She spends most of her time either keeping up with the world on the Internet or sharing some acquired knowledge about digital media. She is passionate about using her voice to speak against injustice, especially towards women. To communicate with her directly, you can hit her up on: Instagram - Twitter - @Adesola_AU


  1. Marie Antoinette

    June 26, 2015 at 3:45 pm

    Smh. I still can’t believe this nonsense…

    • polypoly

      June 26, 2015 at 4:26 pm

      ki lo de??? since his first Diane Sawyer interview we knew the show was coming, so please have several seats biko. This show will not be shown on channels or NTA, so why are you pressed??? Its on American TV and not Nigerian TV. if you watch it then you are a hypocrite.

      Turn to the left and ignore her if it really bothers you. naija people will click and act like they were forced. gurl bye!

    • griiiil

      June 26, 2015 at 5:35 pm

      He is a he…….not a no go school?man na man no matter how much he tries to look like woman.

    • blessing

      June 26, 2015 at 9:59 pm

      haba! chill now. why are you take it so personal? sure everyone has the right to express how they feel. So chill alright.

  2. Chizzy

    June 26, 2015 at 3:46 pm


  3. Chizzy

    June 26, 2015 at 3:48 pm

    He/she still sounds like a man!

  4. Self-Sufficient

    June 26, 2015 at 3:49 pm

    I would refrain from saying TUFIAKWA…

    • yandy

      June 26, 2015 at 4:13 pm

      I will not refrain, i will say it TUFIAKWA!

  5. Stella

    June 26, 2015 at 4:01 pm

    Sick people everywhere, caitlyn indeed.

  6. Made

    June 26, 2015 at 4:02 pm

    Naaaah..This is right here, all of this… unreal! so so so wrong on every level. when you refuse to acknowledge God or you think it’s not worthwhile to retain the knowledge of Who He is, He will give you over to reprobate/debased mind so that you will do things that are not convenient. and that’s exactly what is happening here. How do you even begin to explain/ rationalize this weirdness? Unfortunately these kind of things get support. And when folks don’t want to say this truth as it is, you hear stuff like “Abeg whatever rocks your boat”, “Whatever makes you sleep at night”, “Everyman to his own” etc. If you know the truth, then say it like you mean it….THIS ONE HERE OOO as i dey see am is totally wrong and downright absurd. God bless

  7. Ladybird

    June 26, 2015 at 4:11 pm

    Bruce Jenner desperately needs mental help not this..

  8. AA

    June 26, 2015 at 4:16 pm

    It is well ..!!!

  9. Elohor Omote

    June 26, 2015 at 4:19 pm

    Being a woman is deeper than wearing a woman’s flowing dress and putting on a lipstick and having a boob job or cutting your manhood to create space for a vagina. Does he know what it means to menstruate? Or will he give the excuse of being 65? This is so so so cray. I really hope he realises that he is being goaded to destruction everyday he denies what God created him to be.

  10. MOM

    June 26, 2015 at 4:20 pm

    shit happens.!!!!111

  11. jojo

    June 26, 2015 at 4:24 pm

    still walks and talks like a man and looks rather ugly caricature playing dress up

  12. Udegbunam Chukwudi

    June 26, 2015 at 4:25 pm

    July 26 far oh. Kickass torrents no dey ever disappoint 😉

    • polypoly

      June 26, 2015 at 5:06 pm

      haahahhahha….see ur head

  13. OmoOba

    June 26, 2015 at 4:27 pm

    This is what happens when a man gets emasculated in his marriage for years, he metamorphosed into a woman. Sad story.

    • cindy

      June 26, 2015 at 4:47 pm

      So now it is his family’s fault. When will people learn to take responsibilities for their decisions? Emasculate ko, latecuemas ni. Why would you allow what somebody says to you or how someone treats you make you feel less as a man? I’m sorry but you are not a real man then. I have never heard the phrase “I feel less of a woman” or “I feel esfeminated” before. It’s always emasculate this emasculate that. Ope ko to emasculate. Shio!
      As for you Bruce, you should have swapped since na, this one that you are already in menopause. You just want the enjoyment that comes with being a woman but not the pains. As if it is dreass and eyelashes that makes you a woman. Rubbish! Hard journey my foot, stupid first world problems. Why not take a trip to Pakistan or Sambisa to really experience what a hard journey is. Abeg gerrarrahere!

    • Thatgidigirl

      June 26, 2015 at 5:21 pm

      Yup! Kris used his entire package for breakfast a long time ago, scrambled eggs and sausage complete. It was only a matter of time before the caterpillar turned into a butterfly.

    • idomagirl

      June 26, 2015 at 9:24 pm

      You people are still blaming Kris Jenner? Go and watch the interview with Diane Sawyer. Bruce started hormone therapy in the 80s even before he met Kris….

  14. La'Shonda Balogun

    June 26, 2015 at 4:38 pm

    It sounds laughable but 100 years ago people would have called you mad if you said a man (a father at that) can decided he wants to become a woman and will be praised for this. They would have called you craze….now here we are.

    We’re all humans – we all have sinful thoughts…but we should not indulge in everything that we think just for the sake of “being me” or “being free”. There has to be limits or else we creep ever further into new levels of depravity. First its okay to be gay, then bi, then ‘transgender’…what next? pedophile? bestiality? “Oh its ok as long as the goat consents, he can do what he wants to it”. The devil has chipped away at our morality and now so many of us stand for anything.

    • A Real Nigerian

      June 26, 2015 at 4:57 pm

      Your lame comparison of homosexuality and being transgender to paedophilia speaks of how little you know and how ready you are to be blind and biased.
      Everything “devil”, don’t you have anything else to say? What does the devil have to do with ONE single person making a PERSONAL and HARMLESS DECISION to HAPPY? What does that have to do with the devil? Do you even know what morality is? How does this translate to being immoral?
      People can be idiotic, people can be ignorant, I am amazed at how well you have managed to be a 2 in 1 package.

    • Lala

      June 27, 2015 at 3:40 am

      Oh please shut up. If you do not have a bible borrow beg or steal! Homosexuality, transgender ism or whatever u call it are totally not in line with the scripture. I am not being judgmental here but we should call a spade a spade and please whatever Caitlyn Abi Bruce Jenner is doing is sickening and devilish and no Christian person in his right senses would condole with such nonsense.

    • polypoly

      June 26, 2015 at 5:06 pm

      girrrrrllll, you commented on the wrong post. NEXT!!!!!

    • FeelingFree

      June 26, 2015 at 5:49 pm

      Totally love your comment!

  15. Uju

    June 26, 2015 at 4:47 pm

    O di egwu………….. Judgement day go get as e be o. May God have mercy because we have all sinned. Make I commot this log from my eye first……. I dey come judge him matter.

  16. Fatimah

    June 26, 2015 at 6:13 pm

    Still doing my head in. Can never wrap my head around this fuckery.

  17. itofa

    June 26, 2015 at 6:28 pm

    once a man, always a man

  18. chy

    June 26, 2015 at 6:30 pm

    khardashian family should be included in the lists of wonders of the world.they have a way of turning their male partners to weirdo

    • aaewhy

      June 28, 2015 at 2:22 pm

      @chy please don’t just blame the kardashians at all, shey the men don’t have minds of their own, so if your husband cheats it’s your fault or if he’s a cross dresser it’s ur fault

  19. bn lover

    June 26, 2015 at 6:31 pm

    He has a beautiful face though. #fyngeh

  20. Ash

    June 26, 2015 at 7:24 pm

    Story for the gods…
    Signs of end times.

  21. Jayne

    June 26, 2015 at 8:51 pm

    Being a woman is exhausting itself. Getting your hair done, nails done and all other stressful things women do… Why will a man wants to put himself through all that? When God created him to be a man,he definitely had his own reasons..Caitlyn will soon understand being a woman is no joke.

  22. hmmmm

    June 27, 2015 at 6:32 am


  23. enebee

    June 27, 2015 at 2:54 pm

    See how ugly he abi she is! Mscheww I’m not watching this nonsense

  24. Sunshine

    June 27, 2015 at 8:07 pm

    Enough already!!! This guy is still a dude cuz he was born that way .Changing his physique due to operation does not negate the fact that he will always be a man. SIMPLE, PERIOD, POINTBLANK. #confused.

  25. Swizzey

    June 28, 2015 at 4:32 am

    You know, this is all very funny….Lets be real here, he still has a penis right?..The only time I will believe him is when he snips off his manhood(balls and all) . Only then… only then will I totally believe his B.S about being a woman.
    I even heard people in the media use words like ” courageous” and “brave”…in my own opinion, the only people who deserve to be given that compliment are those who have risked their lives for the greater good e.g soldiers who are in the trenches in Baga trying to ward off Boko Haram, doctors and nurses whom fought and are still fighting to keep Ebola at bay in Sierra Leone and Liberia
    Aid workers whom are providing succor to hungry refugees from Somalia even though they could be killed by militia, I could go on and on.
    Lets not be carried away by this rubbish.

    • akissi

      June 28, 2015 at 4:33 pm

      @ swizzey God bless you for this comment. I am not one to judge or be ruffled by others personal decisions but when I hear words like brave and courageous for such self serving decisions, I get pained. In addition to the real heroes you have listed, what of missionaries who serve in war torn and hostile territories? Or the US army fighting to preserve the future of our children? or doctors without borders? or even the single mother or father working 4 jobs to put food on the table and clothes on their kids backs? The list goes on. A brave person is one who fights in love for the survival of others not someone who takes a personal decision and then spends millions of dollars on surgery and a new wardrobe.

  26. Sunflower

    May 3, 2016 at 8:17 pm

    He is a man. He has a penis and gets male elections. I don’t care how much makeup and dresses he wears. This is a mental disorder and he needs help.

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